Useful blogging sources

Hello! Since you have clicked on this page, looks like you need some help with blogging. Here I am sharing some sources and tools that I found useful and am using in my blogging journey.

Link collider – great site that will help increase your blog’s traffic and improve SEO (which means your site’s position will be higher and search engines will find it easier). You know, what I love the most about this? If you do not want to spend money for promoting your site, you do not have to. All you have to do is create an account, link your blog and start earning tokens by sharing other sites on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and more. Those tokens will be used for promoting your blog through tweets, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins and many other ways. Also, it offers wide range of free SEO tools like “Backlinks generator”, “Drop my link” and many more which will help you get more traffic on your page. So, stop waiting and get your blog out there!

Writing editor – make your writing bold and clear. It helps you improve your post and make it more understandable

Pixabay – get free of copyrights images and videos for your blog. No need to explain. Click and browse for the content you want.

Pexels – copyright free photo source for your blog. Similar source to Pixabay but offers only images.

Thesaurus  – sometimes you need synonyms to make your writing more appealing and colourful. This is my favorite site to look for them.

Useful videos.

Few of my favorite blogs about blogging.

Useful resources for aspiring, upcomming authors.