Great playlists

Ultimate all time greatest songs.

A playlist of all my favorite songs from different gendres. Here you can find anything fron Nirvana and Elvis Presley to Lana del Rey and Imagine Dragons.

Late night.

It’s at least 10 p.m. and you are home – cooking, writing or just chilling. Turn on this playlist for some calm, happy vibes.

Sparks fly.

Are you feeling in love? Then this is the right playlist for you. Turn it on and go, daydream about your crush! 🙂

Your favorite coffeehouse.

Calming songs that are perfect background music when you are writing or falling asleep.


Instrumental acoustic guitar covers.

Some more calming background music for you to enjoy – this time performed by acoustic guitar.

Happy vibes.

It does not matter, if you are getting ready for some celebration, date or just simply feeling great – here are some upbeat, happy songs to boost your mood even more!