In love with a city and creating beautiful things.

Hello, dear readers! Yes, it is a big surprise that I’m posting for the second day in a row even for me. I promised one post a week but suddenly I just felt motivated enough to keep writing more. You know those moments when inspiration strikes? This is one of them. Today I’m feeling a little more poetic and ramblings about something I love just felt right to put here.


Riga – the lovely city I was born in.

I was born in 1998, in a big city, called Riga. Maybe at that moment city found a place in my heart but I did not know it yet. There are two types of people in this world – country people and city people. I always belonged to the second type. Call me strange but I always found car roaring in the background more familiar and calming that chirping of birds. Whenever I am in city, I feel like I belong there. It does not even matter in which city I am. All that matters for me is that I have everything I love around me. Cozy cafes, filled with the scent of fresh bewed coffee, bookstores where I can satisfy all my book lover’s cravings, lovely parks where I can just sit on a bench and calmly observe people that are passing by. City is always full of impressions. Countryside is way too calm and stiff for my taste. I will never find excitement in planting flowers and taking care of garden like others do. I want to be closer to change, closer to life.. City never sleeps, they say. It’s true. That’s why I never lack inspiration while being there. That’s why I can write pages and pages. No one ever asks me to take care of flowerbeds or chickens. I can just be by myself and create as much as I want to.

Nothing compares to sleepless nights in my apartment when silence is all around me. No one is snoring in the room next to me and I don’t have to worry about waking someone up by turning on lights when I suddenly feel urge to fill new page in my bullet journal, paint or write next chapter to my novel. I’m all by myself, yet whenever I need to interact with people, I just go outside. City is my idyll – I can be myself, get lost in my own thoughts and create. I can become the version of me I always wanted to be.

Imagine this – it is 2 a.m. and I just can’t sleep. Room feels too hot, bed feels too uncomfortable and my mind keeps racing. It’s usually full of ideas when everyone else is sleeping. I get up, turn on the light and walk to my kitchen. I make nice, warm cup of coffee with no remorse because I do not have to wake up early the next day. After turning on the light in my “working room”, I sit at my table and start creating whatever I am in the mood for. Sometimes I go to bed at 4 a.m., sometimes even later but who cares? All creative people are a little strange. Maybe they work at night, maybe they have weird music taste etc.

Enough ramblings for today, I guess. I will never be able to fully explain, how much magic I feel in the city and how much I create around myself when I am living in it. At least now you know that I am in love with every cozy coffee shop, every bookstore, every bench at the park, the chatter of people, who pass by and the summer rain that washes away the dirt from the streets. City is magical. You just have to see it like I do.

With love, Porcelain Doll.


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