My happiest memories.

I admit that lately I haven’t been very positive on my blog. Also, I’ve been barely posting so this started to look like a blog I write just to whine… which is not true at all. So here’s some refreshing change. Today I returned from capital city where I was born and spent a lot of great time with my grandpa when I was still a kid, so I decided to share some positive memories with you.

  • I remember going on a visit to grandpa’s apartment and when I came inside, I felt strong smell of pancakes with meat filling. It was lovely. He used to make pancakes with minced meat often.
  • I remember rainy days and myself as a kid. I used to walk outside just in my swimming suit and rubber boots, and get wet. I loved to run in the rain and those were the times I finally felt alive, free and full of energy. Also, I used to go to shower, fill my boots with water and walk outside then. I just loved the sound my boots made when they were full with water.
  • I remember laughing almost until I cry with my primary school best friend. We were unseperable back then.
  • I remember all the satisfying times when I was painting in my room, undisturbed, music was playing loud and I was feeling really inspired. I didn’t care that my clothes, hands and the floor was all with paint. Actually, I loved the mess I made.
  • I remember first time seeing my cat as a very small kitten. She was so small, like a mice and her eyes were still closed but she looked so lovely with that three coloured fur. Even though she was very wild as a kitten, she’s perfect to me.
  • I rememer going to my first pop concert which was One Republic concert (Native tour). I was so blown away that I was close to crying from happiness.
  • I remember my first kiss with my first love. We don’t talk anymore, it’s over but I remember, how he leaned over me and kissed me like it happened just yesterday.
  • I remember my grandma’s last words: “Be proud of yourself.” And I’m really trying to be.
  • I remember my first music teacher. She understood me better than anyone else and was the first person, who noticed me, who made me feel like I am capable of something.
  • I remember my first time smoking weed in a park at night with my ex best guy friend and drinking tea with him afterwards at my place. I remember, how we talked and cuddled in my bed because it was cold.

I guess, that’s all for now but well, at least I’m positive. 🙂

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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