Does being a woman makes me less of a person?

Honestly, I’m sick and tired. And I’m not talking about my sore throat and running nose, altrough it bothers me right now, too. I’m sick and tired of that part of men, who treats women like shit, are egocentric and think they are better than us just because they’re men. Oh, you’re more of a person because you have a penis? Newsflash – most of the male population does have one but not all of them disrespect women. What makes me even more sad – these are just young boys, who make fun of girls, grown up men in their 40’s and 50’s do, too.

First thing’s first – woman’s job does not define her worth. This is mostly about sex workers. Just because she shows her body or lets you do with it what you want for money, doesn’t mean she’s a piece of meat and you can treat her badly. For example, she’s a cam-girl and you call her a slut just because she shows her naked body online and masturbates on camera. First of all – there’s nothing wrong with nudity or masturbation. Second of all – what if she desperately needs a lot of money and she has no other way to get it? Maybe she’s a single mom, who can’t leave her kids alone for too long, maybe she’s a student, who can’t pay the tuition othervise, so she has to do this job. So stop being rude to woman just because you don’t like the job she has. This female is just as much human as everyone else.

Second – making fun of her mental illness/illneses. “Oh, you’re depressed… Is it because you realized you’re the ugliest piece of shit anyone has ever seen?” “So, you’re depressed and self-harming…. Why haven’t you commited a suicide yet?” Actually, this is not only about women but about everyone, who makes fun about someone’s mental illness. If you ever make fun of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or anything else, I will punch you in the face. If someone would have a cancer, would you make fun of them, too? Probably not. So how is mental ilness different from any other illness?

Her body issues. Somehow in 21st century we are expected to be fit, with big breasts and butts, perfect faces and anything else. Why? Because it’s beneficial for men. Women don’t run this industry, men do. We’re having more complexes about our bodies than ever. We are never good enough because we’re too fat, too skinny, too short, too everything. Just another aspect that makes us feel weaker and men – stronger.


Dressing like she’s “asking for it”. I can’t explain, how much this actually bothers me because I remember my own mom telling me, when I was younger that “I shouldn’t dress like that, boys will misunderstand me and it looks too provocative”. Oh, so that’s what’s wrong with my shorts on a summer day. I can’t expose my body even when it’s really hot outside because men are these wild creatures, who just follow their hormones and fuck everything they’re attracted to. How can we ignore their naked torsos and not jump them but they can’t ignore our bare legs? That’s just absurd. If a woman says “no”, it’s a “no”. The fact that she’s wearing short shorts on a summer day doesn’t say: “Come and fuck me already.” Also, the fact that she dresses like this doesn’t give you right to call her a slut or whore. Wearing short skirt and crop tops has nothing to do with woman’s sex life.

Job over family life. Oh, she doesn’t care about her family life, she’s working all the time and doesn’t spend enough time with her children. Women should be housewives and they belong in the kitchen. Let’s crash the stereotype that women should always be with their children, cleaning house and cooking. If she wants to have a successful career, she can have it. It doesn’t make her a worse person.

And finally we’re at this topic – sex life and double standards. If she’s a virgin – she’s prude, if she has slept with three guys or more – she’s a whore. When guy sleeps with, for example, five women, he’s a champ. So basically – I am sick of men judging our sex lives. Our bodies are our temples and it’s only our business, who we let in it and who we don’t. If you’re a good, fun and smart person, the fact that you haven’t slept with anyone or you have slept with five guys does not change it. Screw double standards! If you want to have sex – go for it, if you don’t – good for you!


What I am trying to say with this post – women are different but all of as are worthy and capable of anything we want. The fact that we’re females doesn’t mean that we are weaker than men, not as smart and powerful. Virgin or not, family person or not, sex worker or not, mentally stable or not – she a woman. Women are magical – they often are very creative, they have a capability to carry a baby, they are good at multitasking, they are caring and loving… Be proud that you are a woman, don’t let immature men bring you down! Stick up for other women because we can be even more powerful, if we stick together! Cheers!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



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