My man.

I’m back again, feeling more positive and alive. Except the fact that I still sleep a lot. However, my guitar teacher now is the one, who was my first guitar teacher. I’m much happier when my lessons are productive and I have a teacher, who really supports me and is willing to do a lot for me to success. Enough with the intro, I’m ready to write something.

I know, who is going to be my man from the very start. No, it’s not about his looks, age, relationship status or anything. It’s about that moment when out eyes first meet. One glance and I know, if I’m interested in him. Funny, how only now I realized that with every guy I’ve been interested in, it all started the same. They mostly had nothing in common, well, except for blue eyes but the spark was always there. And when it is, I’m not sure it ever leaves. Maybe, if we never meet again, I gradually forget, how it felt to kiss his lips or hug him.

Few days ago after a long time I met a guy I once had love affair once. He was taken then and he is still now. We weren’t even together and barely had anything to talk about… Why do I even kind of miss him? I shouldn’t, hell, I really shouldn’t. He’s my friend’s boyfriend and… it seems like he never forgot anything we had. Maybe I have a thing for relationships that are just not right, who knows.

When it comes to taken guys, he’s not the only one I’m kind of falling for. What happened to me? I was always a good friend and guys around my age never caught my eyes. But then he appeared and I saw him from the very start. I knew there’s something about him, yet I had no idea, what excatly. Our friendship started only when he started going out with one of my friends. At first I was shocked and a little hurt but then somehow, with time I ended up being good friends with this guy and I’m stuck in the worst situation ever. I really like him but I am not going to ruin her relationship. Yet, it’s kinda killing me – keeping all this to myself. How do I ever end up in messy situations? What’s funny is that I thought I’m over both of these guys but I’m not.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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