5 reasons why most teenage written fiction sucks.

When I was about twelve, I discovered that there are actually teenagers (12 to 18 year olds), who write and post stories online. In that age I started to love books in a very different kind of way. In “I’d write this part different but I love whole chapter before it” way not just as a reader. Back then I joined many groups on social sites about writing and enjoyed what others were posting. At that age I actually thought that their writing was good and enjoyable but now, when I look back at it, I can just frown. There was no orginality, no great plot etc. Oh wait, I’m spoiling the post for you already. Let’s go back to twelve years old me. It didn’t took long for me to start writing my own fiction and post it online, and I felt very proud for every good comment written about it. At the age of fourteen or so I discovered Wattpad and started posting my stories there. After three books I disappeared and just few days ago really came back, deciding to re-read my old books. Honestly, I’m ashamed but I didn’t delete those books. It was little history, fourteen to sixteen old me, writing stories about good girls and bad boys etc. About week ago I started editing one of those books, so they would become more readable and enjoyable. Let’s see what comes out of it. Now, after long introduction, I’m finally ready to tell you five reasons, why most teenage fiction sucks and why mine did, too.


  1. Story/novel/book has no conflict in it, no breaking point. Most stories go like this: bad boys is trying to get good girl (who is most likely virgin but I said in posts before that it’s just social construct, so let’s just say she never had sex) to have sex with him. After some time she finally gives in and after that they become a couple. Then story goes on and goes on, they just confess their “love” to each other, have sex and everything is fine and boring for whole damn 10 chapters or so and then, when teenage writer finally realizes that something isn’t really right, she decides put up a silly fight, put someone in jail or something. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that story is going nowhere and you just made a mess to seem it more interesting. If you are writing, you have to know, what do you want to tell readers, you can’t just randomly jabber.
  2. Sex, sex, sex – topic which is way too important in your story. Did you wrote this for someone to jack off while reading itPersonally, I have found many so called story profiles on ask.fm , basically writing only about sex, even not really knowing, how this process happens. Gross. Even worse – there were few incest stories, too. I get it, maybe the only reason you live is to have sex as much as possible but…. do you really have to write about it and publish it somewhere? Now you’re just making yourself look silly because you have no brilliant thoughts in that mind of yours. Better close Wattpad and go watch some porn, dooh.
  3. Story characters lame and kind of mainstream. Who wants to hear about cocky bad boy with no feelings and sex addicion or good girl, who gets A’s all the time and has perfect family? Not me. I’m not saying that your character should have foot fetish or something (even though maybe that could work, too) but make it interesting. Also, if I will read about one more good girl, who is fan of One Direction, I’m going to puke. That is just lame. Add something unique to your character that you or your friend has. Think, writer, think!
  4. Most teen writers don’t use online grammar checkers. It’s 21st century. Ask google to find you a grammar checker. Otherwise, your readers feel like their eyes are going to bleed from those typing errors and te fact that you don’t know when to use “your” and “you’re”. I’m not saying that my grammar is perfect but after you write something, read it one more time to check for errors and then use grammar checker. You’re welcome.
  5. The lack of orginality in teen fiction writings. Think of something new. Maybe thirteen, fourteen year olds are excited to read about good girl and bad boy all over and over again but I’m sick of that. I bet there are millions of cheesy stories like this with very small differences. Don’t be a sheep, following many others, be honest and bold while writing. So what, if it’s weird? Maybe people will like it, at least it will be like a breath of fresh air after all this cheesiness.Write about weird, kinky people, about someone, who doesn’t have shiny, blonde hair, about someone, who doesn’t listen to One Direction and doesn’t get good grades. Stop following stereotypes and create your own characters and stories.

That’s all for today, I hope that this post was helpful. No, I wasn’t just shaming other teenagers, I was ashamed of younger me, too.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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