“Nice is just a place in France” book review

I’ve never been such big book worm to blog about books or even write a single book review. However, this day is the day things are about to change. Just few days I finally recieved two books I ordered online from bookdepository.com , which is actually pretty good online book store because shipping is completely free all (or most) countries. When I started to read “Nice is just a place in France”, I hoped for witty book and really good entertainment. What a disappointment!


One of the first things I noticed is that so called “betch” isn’t smart, powerful woman. In reality, for middle class smart people “betch” is just spoiled, lazy, young woman with rich parents or gold digger. It’s really annoying when almost in every chapter is mentioned spending money on exclusive things and using rich guys (mentioned as “bros”) for money. Next thing, which is kind of fucked up in this book (but not that much) is body image, telling that you have to be skinny. Only thing I can associate with skinny is so-called skinspiration – obsession of way too many teenage girls. And “skinny” shouldn’t be associated with healthy body image because it basically looks like this.


Back to definition of “betch”. One of the first lines in the book are: “When it comes to most things, it’s okay to let other people, especially men, do things that you are too lazy to do for yourself.” and “Your goal should always be to achieve the maximum result with the least effort; whether it’s through manipulation or taking advantage of an oppportunity.” Correct me, if I’m wrong but does this mean that woman should expect man do most of the things because she’s such precious thing and gift to him? How the hell lazy gold digger is worth something?

Heavy drinking with “pregames” and drug use is described as completely normal thing. Even though this book wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, some young girls might think that doing coke not that big of a deal. Not cool from the authors. There are more shit that I won’t call out here but you get the point. Since this is a book review not whining about bad book, I will mention few phrases that somehow made me have a laugh. Here they are:

  • “So, like they say, there are three lies you can be certain of: I’ll pay you back, I won’t come in your mouth, and I will never talk shit about you.”
  • About spring break: “Do: Dance on tables. Don’t: Fall off tables and not notice that your tube top is at your waist. Where are my boobs? Oh, there they are. All over the Internet.

In conclusion I can say that if you are middle class girl and/or not really spoiled, and/or a gold digger, and/or with a poor sense of humor, you won’t like this book and it’s not worth a single cent. After writing all this I kind of feel as mean as Sady Saxton from “Awkward”, so…


P.S. If you have read this book and have different thoughts about it or you have something to add about it, go ahead and comment!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



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