3 myths girls should stop believing.

Young woman’s life in 21st isn’t easy but it’s even harder, if you believe myths that aren’t true. After great shopping spree I finally got some ideas for new blog post, so let me tell you three myths that are ruining your life. Once I believed in them, too.

1. If you will get fit, you will 100% fit in clothes that are too small for you right now. A person, who was once overweight and then lost weight might fit in those skinny jeans again but someone, who was just out of shape and got really fit has a big chance of still not being able wear small size clothes that once fit. Been there, know that. Imagine that you have a pair of those really awesome skinny jeans that fit you five years ago but now they don’t because your butt is too big. You think – well, I’ll work out, get rid of some fat and they will fit just great. No, girl, they won’t. Your butt might get in shape but those tighs will shape nicely, too and won’t be able to fit in jeans that were made for women, who are naturally skinny and don’t work out. What you should know is that we don’t get fit and healthy to wear size S or M . We do that to look the best way our body is possible to look and feel great. If something doesn’t fit perfectly, you still can still take that thing to dressmaker and customize for your body (not try to customize our body for the clothing because that’s just madness). A lot of clothing isn’t made for healthy looking woman but for way too skinny models or women with not really realistic body parameters. There are women with thick tighs and small boobs, women with skinny tighs and big boobs, woman with wide shoulders and narrow hips etc., and that’s okay. You are not a mannequin, not everything will fit and that’s okay. Stop judging yourself, you are beautiful.


2. Virginity is a thing and having sex with someone before marrying him is terrible. Dear women, who consider themselves virgins because they didn’t have penetrative sex, I feel bad for you. Virginity really is a social construct. (Damn, I should make a t-shirt with that phrase!) I can already imagine you feeling shocked and telling me that it is not. Well, then let’s make it clear. Do you know where the hymen actually is? Do you know it can’t be broken, just streched? That’s right, let me show you a picture to prove it (even though seeing this might be unpleasant to some people).


So now you see where it is located. If hymen would really have no opening and should be broken – how the hell would girls menstruate? Haven’t you ever thought about that? Besides – what is really a penis – some magic wand? Boom, you’re not virgin anymore? If virginity would really be a thing, wouldn’t girls loose their virginity getting fingered or masturbating vaginally with a vibrator? If only a sex with a man can make you loose your virginity, are lesbians forever virgins? When you finally know this, you can stop stressing about “being a virgin”. Virginity is a concept, made up because somehow society thought it is cool to make girls feel ashamed that their sexual beings and slut shame them for having sex. Still don’t believe me? Check out the video down below.

3. If you show that you’re interested in someone in a romantic way (text him (or her), ask him out etc), you’re intrusive and desperate. Damn. Since when it is a shame to show your real feelings? It’s rather a shame to lie to someone about it or not tell it because you’re so afraid to be desperate. And there it is – most of the women in this world believe that showing affection is objectionable. What the f*ck? If you like someone, show that person, tell him (or her). Sure, you shouldn’t bombard them with long and/or a lot of texts. (Example below.)


But if you feel something, say it in a normal way, be brave. If you don’t do that, you’re just playing games with someone. You don’t know what this person wants, he doesn’t know what you want and this kind of “relationship” is just one big mindfuck. In the end this, what could’ve been nice relationship, is just ruined and all of that happened because you didn’t talk. We all want to look so untouchable, hoping that someone for no reason will start fighting for us. No, that’s not, how relationship works. Even though many people hate Nicole Arbour, I dare to quote her: “If you actually want a real relationship, we have to stop playing f*cking games!” She might be one of the most scandalous (mostly in a bad way) youtubers but what she said about relationships in the video down below is actually right.

So here you go, I hope that now you have something to think about it and you will ease your own life by not believing myths, created by society.

P.S. No, I’m not happy that Nicole Arbour abused her boyfriend (at least that’s what people on the internet are talking) but some of her videos are actually great.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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