Real life idol of my childhood.

When we were younger, we all used to be obsessed with famous people we saw on TV or magazines. I was pretty much the same but my biggest idol of all actually was a person I knew in real life. I’ve always like complicated people, kind of outsiders and she was one of them. In that period of life when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I didn’t get along with my parents very well, I was actually afraid of them (because of bad grades etc.), so I automatically started to search for a woman, who I could admire. I didn’t even need to look far – she was the teacher in musical school.


When I first saw her, I thought she was beautiful. She had blonde, bleached hair and blue eyes. This teacher had mostly blue, red, black or white clothes. No, she wasn’t petite and wasn’t always polite but there was something about her. I looked at her kind of the same way little girls used to look at their favourite actresses or singers (so you don’t get me wrong and don’t interpretate this as some other kind of weird interest). I guess, she was in her late 30’ies back then. When she started teaching, I was still amazed by her as a person. She had unique laugh and compliment about something done great from her was very special. I can’t really remember what I saw in her back then because last time I saw her was many years ago. Weird thing about this great teacher (as I saw her) was that people didn’t like her. Students hated her because of her bad mood swings and adults hated her because they thought she wasn’t a nice person. She was, most of the times and I actually became a favourite student of hers. I never talked much, did everything as good as I could and felt thankful for every good grade. I remember the time she helped me with one of my first pieces of music for the composition contest or something. I was shy, little girl, sitting by the piano, too afraid to sing but I played the piece. That was one of the first times someone noticed me. Of course, there were many students, way older than me, who played a lot better than I did but it didn’t matter at that time. Only thing that mattered was – she could be proud of me. And those times I participated in choir, I used to sing from all my heart and I really enjoyed that. I got noticed by her and that was probably the first time in my life I felt special and not invisible, not wothless. Also, she was pretty good at singing and playing the piano and when she did that, it was visible that she like what she is doing.

Few years later she left musical school and after a year or so high school, too. Maybe she was a little mental or maybe people just didn’t like her. I will never know for sure but I will always respect her because was probably the first person, who teached so good that I actually started to like music, even music theory. Even though she has moved to another country and changed her life completely, she will always be in my memory and I will forever glad that I had a chance to met her.

Do you remember having your own real life known childhood idols? Tell me about it in comments. 🙂


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



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