Am I a writer?


Even since I was a little girl, I read books a lot. Thick, serious books for that age. I really loved to read but I had no idea that it will ever lead me to desire to write something. So here I am, many years later and desire to write is growing, sometimes it is as irresistible as need to eat or sleep. It’s just who I am and I enjoy it a lot. No, I don’t give up on being a musican but writing is my second biggest passion. As an introvert, I don’t talk much in real life with most people but I have a lot to say and there’s always something on my mind. The thing is – there isn’t always right circle of people, who would want to listen to me and relate to what I am saying. If I would try to talk to most of my schoolmates about something I write on my blog, they wouldn’t understand a thing. Why am I even telling this? Because writing is on my mind lately a lot and compliments from two of my teachers about great eassays just motivate me to keep writing.

My main reason why I write – this is how I can finally talk to people and be heard. That’s why I own a blog and than more I post on here, than more proud of it I am. Writing has really improved my life and I don’t feel unheard and ignored anymore. Maybe in real life I still get ignored a lot but I have no wish to try and talk to these people. These are just ponderings about the writing topic and for now that’s all. I will write more when I will have something more to say. Because, honestly, there’s nothing worse than talking and writing when you have nothing to say and your mind is just a blank space. Be inspired, find the best way for you to express yourself !

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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