When PE lessons aren’t healthy anymore.

In school there are always two types of people – those, who hate PE for different reasons and those, who are good at it and love it. Until 6th or 7th grade I was first type. After that I realized that I really need to get in shape, started my fitness journey and PE wasn’t big, bad wolf to me anymore. I even start to enjoy it. Except running and rope jumping, those two literally killed me and kinda still do. When I finished elementary school, I moved to city and changed school. Little did I know, it was somehow for the worst.


Out PE teacher is 70+ years old man and at first I even enjoyed PE because we did more exercises like squats, pushups, situps etc than in my first school. I knew that it’s okay to have a little sore muscles afterwards but what I noticed  later was worse than that. Pain in those body parts where it shouldn’t be. Different kind of pain, not similar to that kind I had before after PE lessons. As a musican, I’m not obsessed with sports and I don’t know, how to do right every single exercise. Hands are the most important body parts for me that shouldn’t ever hurt because pain might disturb me from playing the guitar. I suck at volleyball, I really do and when I play it, I know that my hands or fingers will hurt afterwards because it’s hard to escape from injuries. Many times I noticed that my forearms hurt.

Other thing that hurt me bad was this exercise  where he told us to sit on a bench, hands behind head and lean back. Someone sure held our legs but still he didn’t completely explain, how to do and how NOT TO DO this exercise. As a result, when finished doing this, I felt dizzy, my head hurt and my back hurt, too. When I woke up next day, I could barely move. My lower back hurt as hell. Later I talked to my mum, who is a doctor and she explained that I was doing this exercise wrong. What I’m trying to say is – PE lessons can be dangerous when teacher doesn’t explain completely, how to do something and doesn’t watch us carefully, to make sure we are doing everything right. Working out in fitness club/gym is safer because gym coach explain everything very detailed and keeps an eye on you while you work out. So be careful, people. If you can’t talk to teacher to make things better, just don’t do what feels wrong because it might turn out really bad.

Also I want to mention one last thing I hate in our school’s PE lessons. Everything has to be done fast – pistol squats, situps, squats, everything. It’s not about how good you do it, it’s about how fast you do it. For example, most or even all of my classmates are doing squats on tiptoe. Who the hell does that? It doesn’t even work on the same muscles then. Actually I’m really mad. Mad about the fact that PE teacher doesn’t give a crap about our well being, even though he’s the one, who should do it the most. So I roll my eyes and mentally raise middle finger to all those teachers, who don’t care about teaching right, who think it’s okay to insult students and don’t like their job. Fuck you, I’m out.


P.S. You would be as mad as me, too if you’d have to experience that kind of back pain I had. It lasted 3 days and it was hell.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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