I want to be “that” woman.

Most of my life, I was trying to find out, who I really want to be. No, I’m not talking about career but about “that” woman in my mind in general, who I am trying to become. Now, at the age of seventeen, my ideal Me is almost finished and I decided to share it with you.

Her style. That woman knows perfect golden line between obscene and boring. She is elegant and sexy, mostly wears black, dark blue, red and purple. In summer she looks totally awesome in white, too. Also she is fit and able to wear most of the things she wants. Unlike most women, she isn’t tanned but keeps her skin in creamy shades. Golden blonde or strawbery blonde, long, wavy hair  is part of that woman’s signature look. And no, red lips isn’t really her thing, pink suits her better. She migh have no more than two tattoos. When it comes to footwear, she usually chooses boots with a low heels or stilettos.


Her hobbies. She is very artistic, so loves to draw a lot. She also knows, how to enrich her closet with self made things. That woman is also really into psychology, which makes her understand people very well but sometimes even manipulate to get what she wants. And last but not least – she loves music a lot and can play at least one musical instrument.

Her character. She is quiet, ambitious and patient. That woman is ready to do anything to get what she really wants. Career is the most important thing to her but she doesn’t forget her friends and family, too. This woman doesn’t trust most people but is very loyal to those, who let in her life. She is good at giving advice and keeping secrets. She is ready to do a lot for closest people to her. One thing that distinguishes her from a lot of women – she is sarcastic, has a dirty mind and loves a little inappropriate sexual humor. That woman has ability to turn from very womanly and bubbly person to tough and kinda manly by character one. Oh, she knows how to inspire people and is a role model to many women/girls.

I guess, that’s all in general. Do you have “that” woman or man in your mind you have decided to become or already became? Share in comments. 🙂

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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