Creative challenge.

Life rule No.1 – if you want to get something new, you mostly likely should get rid of something you already have. We can’t have everything we want but we can choose what we want the most and get that. Simple, isn’t it? So here’s my idea that I’m gonna make come true in my own life.


My parents aren’t very rich, they earn about the same amount of money average person does. Which means we can’t afford everything that we want and need to get rid of some whims. Just about week earlier I got to know that Muse is going to have a concert in my country. I’m dying to hear them live. Not really obsessed but loving their music enough to go to the concert. Tickets cost 49, 69 and 79 euros, so I started wondering where to get money. I can’t officially work yet because I’m underage  and still go to school, so I decided to spending on something I can  easily live without. Ta-dah! It’s public transportation which actually takes a lot of money. If I buy monthy ticket only for weekdays, it’s 24 euros. If I buy one time tickets, it costs 1.40 euros a day because I need to go to school and back. If I buy a ticket in a bus, it costs 1.60 euros a day. Basically, if I don’t buy monthly ticket for 3 months and get few euros or walk to school and back for 57 days instead of using one time tickets, I can save almost all money for the most expensive ticket (79 euros) .

So this is my idea and I’m challenging myself to make it come true. I will not only save some money for the concert but also walk at least 10000 steps a day which is good for my health (I live about 3 km from my school). By getting rid of one not very bad habbit (going by bus too much not walking), I get money for the concert and do some good for my health. So let’s see how it goes! First day completed.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



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