#freeKesha – rape is not a joke.

I don’t write posts about celebrities on my blog anymore but this one is more about humanty and woman rights, not simple popularity.  I need to speak about this, we all need to speak about this and we need as much people as possible to hear us. A lot of you have probably seen those posts on the Internet about pop singer Kesha and her producer Dr. Luke, who works with Sony. If not, here’s shortened version of the story that happened: Kesha was physically and sexually assaulted by Dr. Luke since she was 18, when she signed the contract with him. He gave her drugs and raped her. She didn’t speak up about it until 2014. After she finally did, she lost rights to release new music and go on tours. Yesterday at court they finally got to her case and Dr. Luke just got away with it because “there wasn’t enough evidence”. In general, that’s what happened. Can you really say it’s fair? Now she is forced to keep working with him. This is heartbreaking.


If you want to know more about this, here are few more links: 


Also, #freeKesha is trending on Twitter. Even biggest celebrities like Lady GaGa, Lily Alen, Kelly Clarkson, Halsey and many others are supporting her.


Here are petitions:

Go, sign and let’s hope it will make change! You don’t have to be her fan to support this case, you just have to be human. Imagine, if this would happen to you or someone you know! It’s not only about Kesha, it’s abou every raped woman ever, who couldn’t be heard, whose rights were nothing worth. Rape is not a joke and Dr. Luke can just get away with this.

Feel free to repost this, share and tell about it as much people as possible. This is not fair.

xoxo,Porcelain Doll.


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