Why do good girls love bad boys?

First of all, my hands hurt like hell. Volleyball isn’t really my thing. In fact, I hate it because I’m bad at it and always injure myself. But I realize that I  need to keep writing and posting in this blog, so I am here. I won’t leave you. For the intro that’s all, let’s get to the topic.

Wait… I being a good girl even a thing? How can you tell a person is good or bad? Thats’s right, you can’t. But even if being a good girl would be a thing, I could count myself in as one for at least 50% . I dress properly, don’t sleep around, don’t complain about school (unless it’s about annoying people), my grades doesn’t suck that bad, I don’t drink or smoke regularly. That’s enough. But do I like good guys? Guys, who don’t smoke, drink, are properly educated, compliment their girlfriends a lot, treat girls right and take girls on cute, romantic dates? Hell no. I’d rather spend “the date” sitting on a couch, watching silly movie and drink beer with someone, who doesn’t agree with me in half of the topics, has weird sense of humor and smokes a lot. Why? I’m still trying to figure that out. The thing is – relationships do get boring with good guys. If you are a good girl, you will want someone, who understands you at first but then you’ll get tired of his sweetness. You will want someone, who can say that he doesn’t agree with you and not feel bad about it.


I guess, it’s more fun with someone, who is different. You can learn to accept his flaws and imperfections because he has his good side, too. It’s more about accepting differences than trying to save him. He will not be saved, that’s a fact. But suddenly the idea of being with him, even if it means going down together, doesn’t seem so bad at all. Fights are little exciting, differences are pretty cool and makeup sex is great. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you want to fight all the time. Also, flaws of his body are beautiful. His vampire like teeth, birthmarks, everything. He’s a piece of art. Too bad, he doesn’t understand it and the fact you see it.


So that’s the reason I’m single. Everytime bad boy enters my life, I’m like: “Challenge accepted.” One of them broke my heart without any explanation, other one just didn’t want to do it, so became my friend.

P.S. I’m sorry, if this post seems a little (or a lot) messy. I’m sleepy and can’t think logically. Also, the fact that I hav met a good guy but can’t forget the bad one, makes me out of my mind. But thanks everyone for your comments, likes and follows.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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