You know you’re an adult when…

I really hate that a person counts as an adult only when he’s at least eighteen. Honestly, the fact that you can buy cigarettes and alcochol legally, get a job and watch porn legally doesn’t mean anything. You still might behave like a child and not be independent. Here’s a list of things that really make you an adult.


  • Taking out your trash and washing dishes regularly isn’t a problem to you anymore.
  • You are not afraid to live alone and know, how to act in certain situations.
  • You can cook. (I’m not talking about sandwiches and cooking dumplings you just bough at the marker but real food.)
  • You know how to compromise.
  • You learn from your mistakes.
  • You are thankful for what you already have.
  • You don’t let your anger out on everyone, who doesn’t deserve it.
  • You know how to cheer up and motivate people.
  • You love helping people.
  • You have strong willpower and you do what you need to do even if you don’t want to.
  • You can take care of your plant or/and pet, if you have one.
  • You don’t say anything when you have nothing to say.
  • You are a great listener.
  • You are honest and don’t toy with feelings of others.
  • You can overcome cravings for chips, burgers and most fast food daily.
  • You are passionate about your job and career.
  • You don’t think that you need your significant other because you’re incomplete.
  • You don’t worry, if and when you will lose/lost your virginity. (Stop making such a big deal of vaginal sex. It’s not like after doing it you’ll magically turn into a better, cooler person. You’re still you.)
  • You are not afraid to share your opinion, even if it’s different than others’.
  • You don’t beat yourself up after every time you fail. You just figure out why it didn’t work out and keep going the right way.
  • You are not afraid of your feelings. (It doesn’t mean you have to say “I love you” to everyone you have a crush on. It just means being honest and brave enough to say what you feel.)
  • You realize that everything you’ve been through has made the best version of you that ever existed.
  • You are not afraid to go out of your comfort zone. (Go to the gym, for example.)
  • You help making world a better place. (Even those few times when you tried to explain homework to your classmate, counts.)
  • You can accept people even if their opinion, lifestyle, orientation, religion or race doesn’t match yours.

In general, I guess, that’s all. Let me know, if I forgot something important and mention it in comments! Also a question for you after reading this – are you an adult already? If not, there’s still a chance to improve yourself. It’s too late only when you’re dead.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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