I hate the world they gave me.

Warning! Before I start this post, if you’re alergic to truth and negativity, don’t read this post.

This day was pretty bad. Just another one for realizing again and again that world is pretty messed up. And it is, I’m not lying. The natural condition of things is changed way more than it should. No wonder we’re expecting The World to end somewhen soon. So here’s the some things I just can’t deal with. They’re way too messed up and ruining everyone’s lives.


Depression is something to make fun of. When you have sore throat, no one laughs about it but when you’re depressed and cutting, it is treated as a joke. I will never get this. Just because there few people in this world, who think that cutting is cool and almost a fashion trend, it is not fair to laugh about those, who are crying for help. Cutting is something you should hide from everyone because they think it’s funny. I have to ask: “What is wrong with society?” The reason for high level of sucides probably is making fun of everyone depressed and sucidal. They already feel bad about themselves, they hate themselves but but if you just laugh in their faces, you are a little shit. (I do not apologize for that.) I’ve been depressed for a long time and had a problem with self harm in past, so don’t you dare to treat me or anyone else, who’s dealing with this like a joke.

You’re only great, if you brag about it a lot and work less. The truth is, geniuses are often unseen and underrated. One thing that society will never understand – if you’re talented, you don’t need to brag. Your actions speak louder than words. Bad thing is no one really listens, so they don’t notice geniuses. People are blinded by faked success. They can’t think rationally anymore. That’s why life seems even more unfair to those, who work but their work never seems to be noticed.

People get bullied with no reason. We can’t choose, how we look, laugh or talk. We can’t choose what we will be good at and what not. Stop making people miserable.


If you’re an introvert, people consider you as shy, ignore you and never take you seriously. Mostly this happens in schools. It sucks to sit in the corner, feel how people are looking anywhere but at you and are listening to everything except you. You may have great ideas but it’s no need to speak them. No one listens you anyway. Just because I’m an introvert and I don’t talk much, it doesn’t mean you can treat me and other people like me like were less of a something that others. Sad thing is – at first they think you’re just quiet, then they ignore your opinion and at the end they don’t talk to you at all. No even say hi. That is one shitty situation and I really have hard time dealing with it.

Adults act like little children. Sometimes it seems like no one ever grows up. It doesn’t really matter if you’re six, sixteen or twenty-six, most people still have tendency to no talk things out, avoid compromises and fight a lot. Why do you think wars do happen? I get it, you want one theritory but why you can’t just compromise and do what’s best for both/all sides? I will never understand this. And soldiers – they are considered as heroes but at the same time people, who just kill people are killers. How does that count fair? Participating in war is still killing, it’s actually mass murders. People create a problem out of nowhere and then try to solve it by killing each other. It makes no sense to me at all. You don’t know this person, he probably has a family, who loves him but you just shoot him. At the end in war no one really wins, it’s pointless. People get killed and for what? Money and theritory. Homo sapiens isn’t really smarter than everyone before him, he’s just as dumb

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3jJg3oqlu0

Only rare people from us all notice the true stituation in world which is not good at all. Too bad were not enough to change something.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.



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