My first time…

I’ve always thought that this would be really scary, uncomfortable experience, when you can’t stop being ashamed about your body and can’t concentrate to the process. I was wrong.  Now, when I’ve probably fooled you and you thought this post is gonna be about sex, I’m gonna disappoint you. It’s about my first time at the gym. Which probably scared me a lot more than any sexual actions.

Two weeks ago I’ve tried aerobics which was a big disappointment for me and when the activity finally ended, I just felt more insecure about my body than ever. During whole process our couch, who was woman in her fifties didn’t say anything good at all. No “Good job! Keep going!” or whatever. Just constant notes what’s not right jet. Also, it was high intensity training, so I died a little while doing this. After few hours of thinking, was it really worth it, I decided not to show up there anymore. I didn’t want to feel like shit about myself even more.

On Monday, now with other friend by my side I went to the gym. At first it seemed like the wrong place for me. Loud rock music and dudes with big muscles scared me for real. The we just went straight to registration, took our locker keys and training plan, got dressed. We started with some cardio (12 minutes). Afterwards  we found a coach, who explained everything very well and actually was very nice. Some cardio at the end and that’s it. In general I loved it. Friendly atmosphere, all the equipment you need, good prices… Only thing I hate is muscle pain the next few days. But I guess, I have to deal with it. What I wanted to say with this – gym isn’t that scary place. Here are some myths that all (or most) gym virgins do believe in.

  • Weights are only for men. Wrong. Sure, you don’t have to lift 50 kg or more but 5 or 10 in some cases are okay. Besides – about 40% people, who go to gym are women.
  • I’m not strong enough. Wrong. That’s why you get there, to improve yourself.
  • Coach or/and more experienced people in the gym are rude, unwelcoming. Actually, that’s not true. They love newbies and to give advice when needed.
  • I can get the same results with home workouts. Maybe a little part of it but it’s better to attend gym. Music, coach and other people in gym are big motivation. No need to ask yourself: “Why am I doing this?” Besides, you don’t have to worry that you’re doing something wrong or that it won’t bring you desired results.
  • It’s hard to find time for gym. It’s actually easier to find time for it than for home workouts. You get it done more quickly and don’t let yourself to be lazy.


So go ahead, start going to the gym! If I could do it, you can do it, too. To those, who already go to the gym regularly – tell me about your first gym experience in the comments!


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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