Reminder: guys ain’t tools.

Hello, dear followers! Best wishes for this year because 2016 is gonna be magical, I can feel it. 🙂 So let’s finally start with first post this year in my blog!
From early childhood my view to males was bad (to not say more). I had been fed with stereotypes and terrible experience so much that it gradually started to ruin my life. All that long time when I went to kindergarten and elementary school, boys were mean to me. All if them, except few. Those few were my partners at the playground, where we shared toy cars. Basically, I either really enjoyed their existence near me or hated their guts. When I finally graduated from elementary school, I thought guys are just mean creatures with penises, who eat a lot and have no feelings at all.
At the same time, I got wrong way to guys from movies. Yeah, I’m talking about those romantic cliche comedies, where The One is perfect in every possible way. He always wears nice suits, deals with all your bullshit, takes you to fancy dates and never leaves you. That is so not true. I sympathize all those women, who live, trying to find perfect man. The One does exist (shocker!) but he’s not gonna be the way you expected him to be. If you’re lucky, he will have those dreamy eyes you imagined. But he probably won’t have perfect body, he will be tall and slim or in your height but without muscles that models have. He will give the best hugs and change you for the best but sometimes he will be caprise and annoying.

Now you have a question: “How did she become from a girl, who hates most guys to someone, who knows, who is The One? Maybe I already met him. Maybe the guy, who I saw as a frog, is actually a prince. All those years I’ve been bullied, lied to and ignored my guys so much that I started to expect it from every male and lost all belief that they are really not that different. We all are human, we all have feelings even if it’s sometimes hard to make sure they even exist. So  – in the end, guys ain’t tools. After 11 months, two days ago I met him again. “It was just a joke, I didn’t mean it like that.” He said to me, giving a short glance before looking ar the road again. “All those fights happened because you took it too personaly.” And at that moment everything fell into right places. Just because his sense of humor was hard to understand, didn’t mean that we can’t be friends or something more. I was a bitch to him before, I got mad and told him to go to hell. I, didn’t think about all the situation from his point of view. It was just him, being the way he is. I expected him to be perfect and it was wrong. I thought that The One is pretty much perfect, that I will never have to argue with him. Person can’t be perfect in general but he can be perfect to me. All those flaws makes him a masterpiece. Please, don’t expect to get together with a perfect person. Even if you could find one, you would get bored. His flaws make you love him and all the challenges in relationship makes you both grow stronger.

I don’t expect The One, who lives only on TV screen no more but I still believe that The One exists. I don’t need fancy dates, I’m fine with listening to music, laying on my couch, drinking beer and talking about life. After all these years I start to believe that reality actually might be better that romantic movies and fairytales, and my real life prince, who wears red pants & listens to Parov Stellar will always be more special than cheesy movie character.

P.s. I apologize, if this post looks messy. Writing from my phone isn’t really my thing.

Xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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