Why I am not the relationship type of girl.

Honestly, from my point of view, relationships in nowadays look more like relationshit, especially, if you’re twenty and under. Those are not functioning relationships but unsuccessful parodies about them. That’s the reason, why I am 17 and haven’t been in one of those so called relationships. Maybe it was just my angel guardian or whoever, who looked out for me, so I didn’t end up as a single teen mom or sucidal teenager, who just got cheated on.


Don’t you ever think that relationships are more like a trend than an actual thing? Like tutu skirts or something – you see that a lot of girls are wearing and suddenly you need those to be cool like them. Often people say “I am in a relationship” when they are just having friends with benefits type of relationship thing or that + expensive gifts and dates. If you still wonder, what’s missing in there – it’s trust, honesty and respect. If there is missing at least one of those things, it’s not a relationship, you’re just fucking other person’s mind and heart. You’re acting like a child whose hormones just started working – you want sex but you don’t want to respect this person, you don’t give a shit about them when they are having hard times, you fight for little, stupid things, you cheat because you’re not grown enough to end one relationship before jumping into another one. It’s fucked up. I hate that people do this and no one ever feels guilty about this. “Oh that’s okay, he’s just an idiot.”, “We weren’t meant for each other”. No shit, you just don’t respect other person and have no idea what romantic relationship is.

Also – whoever invented “girls can’t text guys first” saying is an ass. We all know that nowadays guys until they’re past 20, are very childish, shy etc. Chance that most of them will text first is like 10%. Women aren’t weak gender anymore, cut the stereotypes. If I want to text you first, I will. It doesn’t automatically mean that I’m throwing myself at you.

Let’s talk about cheating, too. If you’re cheat, needless to say you’re an ass but also you don’t respect none of persons involved and don’t respect the relationship. If you want to have sex or kiss another person, just talk to your partner about the chance to do it in an open relationship or end the relationship before you turn into a cheating *****.

I give up already. I’m done wasting time with people, who can’t find time for me. I’m done respecting those, who can’t respect me and being honest to those, who lie to me. I don’t need you to fuck with my feelings. Come back when you’ve matured. You can call me lame but I think that you should get into a relationship only if you can imagine long term relationship with this person and maybe even marriage. Othervise – no, I’m not signing up for this because there’s no guarantee that I’m not gonna be only one that gets hurt.

Xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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