It’s a love trap.

Being in love most of the times sucks. And it sucks even more, if you can’t tell it to the person you love. It can suck the most if this person is your friend. Just friend, who probably looks at you like your little sister. As much as I wish that plot of a romantic movie, where guy, who I had a crush on and who was my closest friend for a long time, falls in love with me, the chance for it to happen is about 3% from 100%. In 97% possibility is to end up heartbroken and sad. Worst thing is – I don’t know, if telling it will make it better or worse.

Since I last met him, I feel like I’ve gone crazy. Or maybe just fell for him really madly and there’s no way to come back from it or stop it. How could I not for a really attractive guy, who is older than me, smart, funny and gets me most of the times. Besides – we almost never fight. He must be The One, right? I guess, I’ll never find out. I’m such a chicken cause I’ll never tell him, I’ll never ask. My heart is still shattered from last guy I liked a lot. I’m not ready to have a downfall again.

When you’re young, things are easy. Crushes are based on appearence more than personality. One day you can smile, flirt with him and almost melt and the next day you can easily ignore him like nothing happened. When you get older and start falling for a person because of his/her personality, it gets deeply fucked up and you can’t just – SNAP! – forget it and continue living. Especially, if he’s close to you. And how even it would be possible, in my case, to forget a guy I started to get to know seven years ago? I’ll stop with pointless ponderings of crazy in love person right now. Just two questions at the end of this post.

What would you do in a situation like this? What’s your experience with falling in love with your best friend? 

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


2 thoughts on “It’s a love trap.

  1. Amber says:

    I’m a firm believer in the biggest regret you can have is not going for it at all. You never know the outcome… if you don’t give it a try. That’s just the hopeless… optimist… romantic in me speaking :).

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