Heart on the sleeve.

Yeah, about two weeks ago I told you about going to a school trip. Heck, I’m not in a mood to write about that now, so I’m gonna post that story when I’ll be ready. All I can think of is… that feeling, when life suddenly is turned upside down by someone. And I don’t know, if that us a good or a bad feeling because one day I feel in love, happy and all and on the other I’m crying, yelling and feeling like shit. I know that if there wouldn’t be bad times, we wouldn’t be able to reconize good ones but I’m tired of being hurt. I want bunch of good emotions, not good ones and bad ones 50/50. I don’t deserve to feel like shit and you don’t have rights to make me feel like that. No one does have rights to make feel other person to feel like nothing.


No matter how much you think the bad boy is the one you should pick, don’t. He’ll break your trust and heart in seconds. He has no feelings, he has offensive jokes and he loves drama. Maybe sometimes the good boy, the one, who always makes you feel happy and with who you can be whoever you want is the right one. I’d better choose calm, happy life than one with mood and emotion swings. In relationships most people need stability not feeling that in any moment all this big love could explode and leave tiny pieces that will never be able to put back together.

Not sure, if this makes any sense but… choose carefuly, with who you get in a relationship. I wish I could give a big hug to all girls, whose hearts were broken by bad boys. You don’t deserve this. You deserve better.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


2 thoughts on “Heart on the sleeve.

  1. The Quill Incognito says:

    This is so true! I have had my heart broken by a bad boy n somehow I’m yet to make my heart believe that he was bad…acceptance doesn’t come so easily I guess! Following now! Check out my blog too 🙂

    • porcelainblackdoll says:

      I know, right? 🙂 At first it just seems that hard times are in every relationship būt when he starts hurting you regularly, it time to open eyes and admit that this is wrong and not worth it. Sure, I will check it out! 🙂

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