Workout overdose.

All this time I’ve been talking about benefits of working out and… I forgot that there can be cons, too. Like every thing, working out, if you do it wrong or too much, can be bad for you. That’s why it is a little risky to do it at home without personal trainer or person, who knows about it a lot. As long as you increase exercises’ reps and all gradually and do exercises right, it’s awesome. Before I continue, you may ask: “Wait, why are you telling me this?”

And here’s why – because I just few days ago started to have the problem – I was increasing reps too fast. When you start working out, it seems pretty hard, so for a while there’s no way you could do it much more than your body is able to. But when you are doing it about more than a year without personal trainer or knowing person consultation, you may get too excited about doing it, about results and start doing it way more too soon. First days it feels just a little harder than before but nothing really changes. Then I suddenly started to feel nauseous for no reason and burn in stomatch. I used some medicine but it didn’t get better so soon. This feeling disturbed me from every day tasks and I was just laying in bed, hoping not to puke. After few days medicine really kicked in and I finally got better. But those were about 3 or 4 shitty days and I never want them to repeat in my life. My mistake, perhaps, was using hula hoop too much. One day I could use it for 3 minutes, other for 6, then even more… Wrong. Don’t you ever do that.

Success comes from doing exercises the right way and increasing time or reps gradually. It’s a slow process but you body will really be thankful to you, if you’ll do it the right way. Happy working out!

P.S. By the way, have you ever had similar experience? Comment down below.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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