Ponderings about 1st September and growing up.

First day of school for the 11th time in my life. Time is flying fast – seems like just few days ago I was in 1st grade, looking around scared and wondering, how it will be – to go in school. Then I thought it could be kinda cool – I imagined having bunch of friends, interesting lessons and all… Maybe that’s what happen in unrealistic movies but not in my life. After 9 years in Hell, whoops, my first school, I moved to different city and started to go to different school. I’m about 100% sure that this was the best decision I’ve ever made. Sure – most lessons are still boring but who cares? I met more people that think the same way and life starts to move on, slowly but still. So, if you’re still stuck a school that you don’t like with people that you hate – cheer up because that shit won’t last long.

Maybe growing up isn’t that bad at all. Living on my own is pretty cool and not because I could throw parties or anything, it’s just cool to live without people bothering you and talking too much to you. *introvert alert* Looks like that’s all for today because I need to wake up early tomorrow to go to school. Pinky promse that I will post here quality content next time. This time I just wanted to put some thoughts here and make you feel remembered.

Welcome to school time! *sarcasticly chuckles*

By the way, how did you felt when you first started living on your own? And what were your thoughts when you just started going to middle school?


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