Fitness journal

All my life until this moment I thought, I’m that kind of person, who hates all kind of planning. Making the to do lists and analyzing things just isn’t for me, I said to myself. Starting with today, I proved myself wrong. Three days ago, looking at the books and stuff in bookstore, I found a fitness journal. There were pages with how many calories which food has and few sections – for fitness activities, meals, inspiration etc. Only thing – this miracle costs almost 18 euros and I wasn’t ready to give away that much money for such a thing, so I decided to make my own.

Here’s how it looks right now. I started writing and making this just yesterday and today was first day I used it. Surprisingly – I did much more exercises than just few days ago. It’s easier to continue when all reps are written down. When I will do this every day, I will better see my progress and it will motivate me. Also – writing down body parameters once a week will make me see my progress, too. Last thing – I’m counting calories and writing down all that I eat to make my eating habits better. Hopefully this will help to get rid of habit drinking soda’s too often and eat less sweets, fast food and make me choose healthier alternatives when there’s no chance to eat completely healthy.



Meal chart – what time, what and how many calories. Below – how I feel and total calories.


Chart of exercises.


Body parameters and how much I drank today.


Chart with food products and calories.


Motivation – quotes and pictures.


Yeah, in 21st century many people write their fitness jounar in some apps, computer but I thought this was much more creative idea. Let me know, what you think of this. Are you writing fitness journal, maybe plan on doing it?

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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