Struggles of living healthy.

All my life I’ve been living in a family, who don’t really like sports and who think that eating cupcakes and ice cream often is okay. Well, maybe I’m dramatising it a little but my family was never that fit, happy family you would see on TV. My mum often loved to drink cola, eat chips and dumplings. I rarely saw mum or dad even riding a bike. They have always thought that workouts at least 4 times a week aren’t important at all and all the calories will burn just by cleaning house and doing stuff in the garden. Raised like that I found myself more and more craving fast food but at the same time being disapponted of the way my body looks. Thick tighs, belly bigger than it should be… I hated the way I looked back then and I hated wearing bikini, too.

Like I’ve mentioned in some post earlier, two years ago because of bullying I started to make changes. It hasn’t been easy, though. None of my friends exercises and my parents doesn’t support me as much as I would like them to. I’m sick of being told that if I will lift weights and workout too much, I will look manly. Who even believes that myth? I am a woman, there is no way I could ever look like a man. Also, when I tell them that I’m tired and won’t workout today, they’re like: “Oh, fine. You’re already doing that too much.” Damn. It would be easier to keep going, if they’d say: “No, do it at least 20 minutes. You won’t feel tired when you will start doing it.” Also – buying cupcakes and ice cream more than one a week is a big no no. Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.

Too many people are unhappy about their bodies and they keep wondering why is that because they weigh normal. This picture has answer to that.

It’s never too late to make your life’s quality better, look better and feel happier. Age and gender doesn’t matter. Get up from that sofa and start these changes. “Why?” You may ask. “It does take a lot of time and it may take years until there will be real changes.” And to this I can answer with this brilliant quote.”

Time is ticking and the right time to start is NOW.

If someone ever says that you’re crazy and obsessed, don’t listen to them. Don’t let people take you away from your goal. After one year you will be happy that you started.



Not feeling my best, so forgive me if this post is a little messy. You’re all the best.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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