When I started writing this blog, I thought about it more as a diary kind of thing. I had no goal and no hopes to ever make it something serious. But as time went, my passion grew. I got super excited for every like and every comment. I thought it would be cool to comunicate with people through blog because it was much more enjoyable that talking in real life. Besides – I could say something to many people at once, they just had to read my blog.

So here I am – having a blog with 171 follower. Pretty cool, huh? Maybe. But I understood that followers and views mean nothing, if no one really like the stuff I’m writing and it touches no one’s heart. I don’t write this because I want to have one thousand followers or because I’m collecting likes. No. I am writing because I want to change something, change at least few peoples’ minds about things that really matters. I wouldn’t care much if I had only 10 blog followers, as long as they would read every blog post of mine and share their thought about it. 45 views so far today but I get nothing from this. Just because it’s hobby, I don’t promote my blog much. I don’t spend a cent for it. I tried reading tips, how to grow traffic and how to creat great blog. Okay, I grew traffic and from that point linkcollider is great. But that makes people clicking on my blog just because they want “tookens” to promote THEIR blogs and they don’t even care about reading it. What’s the point? What do I get from these damn numbers?

Just a question – what’s the point of following someone, if you don’t even read their blog? 

Let me know, if you see a point to continue this blog because I don’t for now.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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