10 sex myths you really shouldn’t believe.

Bam! Gues what, teen girl/boy? Many things about sex that you thought were true are actually myths and total bullshit! No, teachers, Math and History aren’t the most important subjects in school. You won’t die, if you won’t remember in which years started World War 2 or how much is square root from 13 but you will die, if you will contract STD’s from not knowing that oral sex isn’t safe just because you can’t get pregnant. I think, Sex Ed should be teached in every school, in every country. You can’t affect when and with who your daugther/son or whoever has sex but you can give them enough information about it and answer to all their questions. When I was younger and even know my parents were always like: “Oh, you’re too young for sex talk. If were gonna talk about this too much, you’ll want to do this and we don’t really want that.” Dang! Gues what, mum and dad? I’m almost seventeen! There are many teen mom’s in my age, there are people in my age that already has STD’s. If we’d talk about it, it wouldn’t mean that I will turn into sex obsessed person.

Okay, enough of that. All I want to say to parents is: “Don’t tell your daugthers and sons bullshit and do answer to their questions. If a person is poor informed about sex or anything else, things can go bad. You don’t want that, right? So stop being ashamed about this topic and split it out! You’re not ashamed to do it, so why are you ashamed to talk about it? People are making sex such a tabu that teenagers in these days have  less information known about it and bunch of bullshit red that they believe in. Let’s stop this!” And now here’s a list of myths that I’m gonna bust for you, teenager!

  1. You can pop your cherry AKA hymen can be broken. Biggest bullshit of all in the internet. Funny how guys AND girls believe that hymen is located somewhere deeper in vagina and it can be broken, and it will hurt like hell. I didn’t really know this stuff either just few months ago. Actually this thing is a membrane that partially covers or surrounds the external vaginal opening. It IS NOT something that you can make a hole in or something. Whatever, you get the point. Though, there are different types of hymens. But the basic stuff about it Laci Green sure explains better than me. 
  2. Oral sex is safe because you can’t get pregnant. Silly. Okay, you can’t get pregnant but don’t forget about STD’s because you can still contract them. I know, in the moment we think only about pleasure and not about safety. And guys – don’t forget about safe oral sex not only when you’re getting it but also when you’re giving it.  (And again Laci Green can tell you all about oral sex much better than me.)
  3. You can’t get pregnant, if you have sex while you’re on your period. Wrong. Sperm can survive for few days and you still have a chance to get pregnant.
  4. You can’t get pregnant, if you’re having sex in the water. If you’re not using any protection, you still can get pregnant. No matter where and when you have sex, you can get pregnant (or contract STD’s), if you’re not using protection.
  5. Two condoms are better than one. Nope, not true. If you use two condoms at the same time, there’s higher risk they can get broken.
  6. Masturbation is bad and something you should feel guilty about. Seriously? I bet no parents would ever say to their child that masturbation is actually good thing because they kinda think that if their child is masturbating, he/she is a pervert. If they ever accidentaly caught you masturbating, they probably grimaced and started yelling: “What the hell are you doing? Stop that right now! You should never do this.” Okay, that’s the worst reaction but you get the point. The truth is that masturbation is good because it increases your mood, takes away stress, helps you sleep better and helps you to understand what you really want in sex and how you want it.
  7. If you’re having sex, you automatically count as an adult, as more mature person than everyone, who doesn’t have sex. Why do society keeps every young person to have sex more and more earlier? It’s a choice you should make by your own without pressure from someone. If you’re, like, fourteen and you’ve already done it, it doesn’t make you better than everyone else, who haven’t done it yet. It’s not really that big deal and doing or not doing it won’t make you better or worse person, never forget that.
  8. It’s better to have sex when you’re drunk or high. No, it isn’t. When you’re drunk or high, you’re less able to orgasm and you might forget about protection.
  9. The size of penis matter and the bigger it is, than better. No, boy, you got this all wrong. Big penis and small vagina can be a really bad combination. Also – not all vaginas are the same size. When it comes to penis size – it’s more important how well you can use it, not how big it is.
  10. First time having sex will really hurt for a girl. Umm, should it? The answer is no. Like Laci Green said: “If it hurts, you’re probably doing something wrong.” Maybe you’re not relaxed enough  or maybe you’re going too fast. Or you’re not wet enough (lubricant can help with this).

P.S. If you’re using condoms AND lubricant, DON’T USE OIL BASED LUBRICANT.

Okay, here you go – ten myths. I wish my parents would have told me at least few of these. If you want to know something more, check out Laci Green’s channel on Youtube.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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