Top 10 Twitter accounts to follow

There are moments in our lives, when it feels like time has stopped and you’re waiting for your dentist’s visit, boss’ call or whatever forever. And there are moments when you feels so pissed at someone but you can’t take all that out, so you just take your phone or laptop, go to Twitter and start expressing your feelings through tweets. Here’s a little list of my favourite Twitter accounts, which posts can totally make my day, make me forget about my problems for a moment and are great waste of time in moments of boredom.

  • Student Problems One of my favourite accounts ever. We all hate school with it’s fake bitches and mad teachers, and we all deal with much more shit life gives us. Here you go – if this won’t make you laugh, at least it will make you smile as well.
  • Chatejah This girl has some really good Vines and videos. That’s why I’m sharing this in here.
  • Steve Stifler Parody account, most posts are great.
  • Sarcasm Most of the story of my life in this accounts posts.
  • Me? Sarcastic? Never Another girly / teen like account but… great if you have a lot of time to waste.
  • poetry If you don’t really want to laugh and smile but drown into deep thoughts.
  • Seriously! Another white girl – like Twitter account for teens.
  • Relatable Quotes Okay, I’m obsessed with those silly accounts made for teens. Who isn’t?
  • Kardashian Reactions
  • Girl Notes♔

Okay, that’s all. See you soon.

P.S. If you have any suggestions about what do you want to read in this blog, feel free to comment. I will be super happy, if you will tell, what do you want to read about, what do you like in this blog and what not. Also, I’m opening this blog for guest bloggers, too. If you’re interested, let me know by commenting down below or writing to my e-mail: 

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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