List of ridiculous things that happen only in movies.

Okay, I should continue cleaning the house I’m living in right now but… I just want to share one blog post idea, that has been taking a nap in my head for months. We all sure have seen movies that seem completely ridiculous, in which happen things that would never or rarely happen in real life. Okay, let’s start!

  • One of the biggest clichés is bad boy – player, who changes girls more often than socks and suddenly falls in love with nerd/ugly duckling/ Ms. Invisible. She changes him completely and suddenly he becomes nice, smart, funny and.. The One.  Let’s be real. IRL jocks, bad boys and trouble makers don’t even look at nerds and book worms. They are just too different, they don’t even have one thing to talk about. How the fuck they could fall in love? Also, if guy is all about sex, he probably will be like that and is not going to change soon. Stop dreaming, girl. One more thing – smart girl likes smart guys, she won’t fall for someone who has sawdust in his head. 
  • Popular girl makes very small transformation for nerd and – BAM – she is hot just because she let’s her hair free (not ponytail anymore) and takes the glasses off. How could someone come up with this dumb idea? So all this time she should-be wearing contact lenses and this super hot player would bang her too, huh? I have nothing else to say about this, it’s just… bullshit. *slow, sarcastic claps*
  • Girl, who is in perfect shape with muscles, looks hot, isn’t into sports at all. Let’s be real. I’d rather see some skinny or a little fat actress for this role than someone like Megan Fox. If you’re not into sports, you are never going to look like that.
  • Character just goes to the bar, get’s a drink and leaves without paying. Just realized that in some movies and TV series this happens.
  • Unpopular teenage girl somehow gets the job in prestige company and EVERYONE HAS NO CLUE, SHE’S NOT AN ADULT. They don’t even ask for her passport or anything. Shoutout to “Jane by Design” and “The Carrie Diaries”. No offense, these TV series are just superb for me but… it’s not real. In real life no one would take teenage girl for prestige work without needed education and pay her bunch of money.
  • When someone falls from high height, they always fall in truck which is full with something soft or something like that. They never fall on the ground and have all they guts smeared on it. In real life you’d be just dead and it would look super gross.
  • Parents always believe their children lies. Always. If she stays over at friend’s house, no questions asked. Seriously? At least, if you’re not 16 or older, it DOES NOT HAPPEN.
  • Prostitutes always look beautiful, sexy and all. Let’s be real. It’s not like that at all.
  • Every time, when they committed a crime, they suddenly see themselves in TV as “wanted”. In real life your ass would be in police car sooner than you could say “gingerbread”.
  • First time when a transformed geek walks into a party, dressed like a sex bomb, everyone turns at her and stares with their mouth open. In real life you’d hear maybe two people complimenting you because of your new look. Others just would not give a fuck.
  • Girls don’t ever style their hair. They just act like all this is natural. Even when they wake up, nothing in their hair has changed.
  • Something explodes and people just walk away from it with that “eh, that happens to me every day, not a big deal” attitude.    


  • A person is able to say, how she/he feels about someone without making idiot of her-/himself. 
  • Teenagers doesn’t really look like teenagers. Guys have big muscles, girls have big breasts and none of them have acne. 

Okay, I’m done. There are too many things. Maybe I’ll make Part 2 if someone wants, later.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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