Let’s talk about writing again.

When I was little, about 7 til 10 years old, I didn’t enjoy writing essays. Probably because I was too small to have my own opinion about things and had almost no life experience. Here’s the thing with being a writer – that more you have experienced in your life than more interesting you can write. It’s not about putting beautiful words together, it’s about finding yourself in what you write and telling people your thoughts. And nothing is more beautiful than that, when you write and all your thoughts fall like a waterfall and after you publish it or give it to someone, people really like it. I never told anyone that writing to me means a lot but it does. It makes me feel happy and if I’m sad, angry, anxious, it clears out all those emotions.

There aren’t that many times when someone compliments the way I write but whenever it happens, it makes me smile. I don’t think I could ever do it in a professional way but.. whatever. There were several times when teachers said that I really am not afraid to say what’s on my mind, that they found my opinion interesting etc. Probably biggest compliments to me ever. Means more than calling me beautiful, funny or something. Writing is just the part of who I am and I am not afraid to show the world that I can be cynic, sharp, sensitive and lots more. Just a little advice – if you don’t like/like something, feel something or don’t feel nothing at all – speak up. Let the world hear you.beyourself

Also – check out this amazing song. Marian Hill is just gold.

That’s all for tonight, I’m going to bed.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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