11 things no one ever told me about.

I’m terribly sorry, I’ve been away for too long. Guitar contest was enough important event that took away five of my free days and in other days it feels like school just sucks out all my inspiration for writing. But here I am and this is a small list of things that no one told me ever. First two are about starting to live alone, others are just random.

  1. Clogged toilet = wtf I should do now? Damn. This is one of the worst things ever while living alone if you’ve never ever in your life experienced this and no one ever told you what to do. And the situation is even worse, if you don’t have that thing with what you could unclog it. I just used some cleanser that is specially for cleaning of sinks and toilets. It worked very well.
  2. Loosing credit card is scary as f. Especially if your parents live too far away to bring you some money and you have to live with 8 euros for three days, which isn’t really enough for me because normal dinner in school’s buffet costs at least 3 euros.
  3. If you’re texting a guy, talking to him, laughing about his jokes, it always means that you have a crush on him. That’s what most people think but it isn’t true at all. Maybe I just like you as a friend. How could you know??
  4. Art of trying to not be judgemental is such an awesome thing. Stop bitching about girls, who you think dress slutty, homosexual people, who kiss in public places and etc. You don’t like to be judged about who you are, right? So why you should you judge others?
  5. If you’ve already had a sex and you’re not married, you aren’t a slut AND being a virgin is okay, too.  Yeah. If you already had sex and you’re not married, that doesn’t mean you’re dirty whore. If you’re sixteen and never had sex, doesn’t mean you’re a frigid. This is 21st century and our sex life should be only ours and our sex partner’s  business. End of the story. No one can judge you because you have had or have never had sex.
  6. Teacher’s pets are really THAT annoying. It’s true. It’s great that you’re smart but if you’re always trying to “get in teacher’s ass” (ugh, in English this doesn’t sound as good as in Latvian), that’s annoying. Stop reminding that we had a homework every time and saying that we should know what our grades in the last test are. Bitch, I know you’re having A+ but I don’t want to hear about my D. 
  7. Just because I need some more time to learn that other’s, doesn’t mean that I’m dumb. I’ve been reading this cool book and I realized that introverts need more time to think than extroverts. That’s okay because introverts see more details and they often see things differently.
  8. If you’re thirteen and still can’t swim, it doesn’t mean that you will never learn how to do it. I learned to swim when I was thirteen, I think. For many years my parents tried to teach me, how to do it but I always failed. I just end up being afraid of learning to swim.Then one day it just happened out of nowhere.
  9. There will be a day, when you will find that one person with who you can talk about dreams, matter of life, death and annetc. I’m talking about phylosophic conversations. They are the best kind.
  10. My bff would let some guy ruin our friendship so they could be together. This is the biggest “no one ever told me” ever. I’m pissed about this for months and I don’t think it will ever go away. Bitch. 
  11. Sexism. I never knew what that really was and that it is actually really visible and bad. Both sexes should be equal. Woman deserve the same things as men do. We are not your sex toys. We weren’t made for men but for living our lives the way we want.

P.S. Laci Green is just perfect, isn’t she? She is so right about all this! ❤

That’s all for now, dear people. 🙂

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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