Sexism, eating disorders and powerless woman as ideal woman in 21st century.

All my life I’ve heard that men are stronger, more important than women in this world and women should be just mother, quiet and polite person, who has no career achievements. You know what? I’m sick and tired of hearing this bullshit. Sick of seeing how much pressure are put on women, how much they are judged and put down. We don’t deserve this, okay?! My mum always said that man is the most important in family and every other sphere of life, which, in my opinion, means that woman is just powerless creature, who has to be in perfect shape, dress not too slutty but also not too prude, raise children, cook and say goodbyes to her career just because she’s a woman. All she does has to be approved from man. We often are told all this shit like we’d be born just to please men. Isn’t that unfair?

First – beauty standards. Everywhere we can read and hear, how important is to be ourselves but at the same time everyone is trying to put us down, saying that the way we are trying to be ourselves, isn’t the right way of doing it. Like, what the fuck?

It goes like this:

Society (mostly men): “Just be yourself, do what you want to do, love yourself and everyone else will love you then.”

Woman: *dresses the way she wants, puts her career in first place and doesn’t suit society’s beauty standards*

Society (mostly men): “Oh no, you’re not doing it right. You should be size 2, raise at least two children and stay at home to cook and wash laundry. But  still, you can be yourself, okay?”

Why? Why do we always have to do as men want? We were born like independent creatures not like some additive to men. Why do we got paid less for the same job? Why do we get slut shamed for having sex? Why do we get shamed if we never had sex? Why do we get bullied because or weight, size, having too big breasts or not having them at all? It’s the most unfair thing in the world. It’s sexism.

And what about rape? When a woman gets raped, there are always bunch of people, who says: “Oh, it’s her fault, she dresses to provacative and acts like that.” Seriously? It’s not our fault that men can’t stop their cravings. I’m not saying that walking down the street half naked is okay but doing something to someone against her/his will is much more than not okay.

Next – eating disorders. There are still too much females, especially young teenage girls, who think that being thin, having visible collar bones, ribs and tigh gap is sexy. They think, if they’ll have it all, they will be loved more. One thing, that men should never ever do is joke about women’s looks and weight. This goes especially to teenage boys from thirteen to eighteen. These phrases about being fat, ugly and disgusting have traumatized me, too in my first school. There was a time, when I started to eat less just because I was tired of hearing that. I didn’t want to be ugly anymore. I just wanted to be liked. Thanks to my parents, I got over that before it could become really bad. So here’s a question, to all you, women, who think that skinny is beautiful: “Don’t you realize that men just want to see us weak? That they want us to become “perfect” dolls that do everything they want us to?” Don’t be that silly girl, who believes that skinny is beautiful and great. Skinny is weak, skinny is powerless. Do you want to be weak, to make no change to this world? Do you want to live this life without no meaning, just wasting it? Wake up, open your eyes – you are beautiful the way you are. Who cares if you have stretch marks, scars or no thigh gap? Than stronger you’ll become, than more beautiful you will feel. And I’m talking not only about how strong is your body but also how strong is your mind. I hope, you get my point about this small topic.

And the last one – is really shy, quiet, pliable women is the woman, who should live in 21st century? I don’t think so. First, that feeling, when you’re really shy and can say nothing of what you think, sucks a lot. Also, being comanded by someone and not doing what you want, sucks, too. This is 21st century. We need to learn to speak up for ourselves, to say “no” without shame, to say what we want in our lives. I believe that women deserve the same rights as men do. We all are human, we all deserve equality. We shouldn’t be put down because of our gendre.

What I’m trying to say is not that women are better than men or opposite but that we deserve equal rights, we deserve to choose career not family (or opposite) and not being blamed for out choices. We deserve to dress, how we want, we deserve to not believe silly stereotypes about “perfect” body and believe them but love our own bodies the way they are. If you don’t like something in yourself, you change it for the best but don’t forget to love and be thankful for what you already have. 

P.S. Woah, that was probably really feminist – like. 😀 Men, I’m not putting you down, just saying that you should respect women as much as you respect yourself and other men. We all are amazing, let’s just love ourselves and everyone else. Peace to the world!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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