“In Your Eyes” movie review.

Oh wow! *In Casssie’s from TV show “Skins” voice* This is second post today and it second movie review today also. What can I say? I’m home alone and I love to watch movies so that’s what I do. Lately I’m into drama’s and romantic comedies and this one is a mix of both but with good ending.

I’ve never saw main characters’ actors’ in other movies but in this one they were totally brilliant. This was very unusual love story because that doesn’t happen in real life – that you can feel and hear other person and be in his skin for real. But… this movie wasn’t boring at all and it made me so emotional, I just couldn’t hold my tears in. And if you’re being down for days because of someone you’re in love, this is probably the best movie to watch, if you really want to cry your eyes out.

Watching this, I was just thinking, how beautiful and painful at the same time is that moment, when you’re having really deep connection with someone. Love’s the best thing that has given to us in life, even though it can ruin us completely. And I start to understand, how it is to love someone, really love not only have crush on. I had this feeling once in my life time just one and a half months ago. It ruined me but I’m picking up all the pieces and trying to get better. Like they say – what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Oh, whatever, I’m a little out of topic. So if you’re alone your love is not answered my this special person or if you’re in a happy relationship, you need to see it.

Here’s the link: http://www.solarmovie.ws/watch-in-your-eyes-2014-online.html

And the trailer:

Good night, xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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