Workout update

Hey! First, I should apologize to you for not posting a thing such a long time. Second, I apologize to all, who were waiting me to post something about workouts and all stuff but that didn’t happen for such a long time.

After almost two years of doing some exercises and making my body look better, I admit that I’m still sometimes super lazy. There are those days when I come home from school and I feel exhausted, sick of some people bullshit or just disappointed about not having good grades. And then I just take some snacks, lay in my bed and watch “Skins” – episode after episode. Honestly – that’s what I do because I’m tired of doing everything else. I’m sick of school, sick of some people and sick of others’ expectations for me that are way too high. Now I can say that I’m ashamed about myself being so lazy. Skipping workouts also makes me feel depressed. No energy, headaches and sleepiness makes me feel sad and hopeless.

Here’s what I decided – I will stop being lazy and weak, I will workout every day no matter what. I don’t want to go back to days when everyone laughed about me and called me fat even though I wasn’t really like that. I don’t want to feel ashamed of my body wearing a swimsuit or not wearing anything. I don’t want to feel weak in P.E. lessons like I felt two years ago. I won’t give up, I will try harder.

Greatest thing about working out – it gives not only confidence and great looks but also energy and makes you realize that you are much stronger than you think you are. Working through the pain is worth it. Than longer time passes since I started doing it, than worse I feel if I skip a workout. It becomes as natural as breathing, sleeping… everything. From weak girl, who hates P.E. lessons and her body, during two years I have become much stronger young woman and I start to love some sports. Nothing compares to that feeling, when you’re covered in sweat, your muscles hurt, you’re a little out of breath but happy because you pushed harder than you ever did and became a little stronger than you were yesterday, week ago or a year ago.

What I did today? Probably to all of you it doesn’t look like something big but first time in my life I did wall sit for 3 and a half minutes and side planks for 2 and a half minutes each side. And I’m happy about myself because a little still is much better than nothing.

To everyone who’s being ashamed of him-/herself, about being weak and not having great body – start now. For about year or year and a half it might be difficult to push yourself to do it but later it will be one of the most wonderful parts of your life. To have something, you need to give something. I hope you all understand, what I was trying to say with this.

P.S. Catch some inspiration.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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