“50 Shades Of Grey” review

Now I can proudly say that I’m one of those people, who already have seen “50 Shades Of Grey” and who love it. No, I haven’t been to cinema because first I couldn’t find a friend, who would like to see this movie with me and now I’m ill. But we have this great thing, called Internet in these days, so I find this movie online.Yes, it is possible but hard to find it online. I watched it somewhere in Russian but I can’t put a link in here because my computer broke down. That’s also the reason, why I didn’t post earlier because I saw the movie already two days ago.

So… here’s my “50 Shades Of Grey” review. Easier to explain everything in a list because if I’ll write just like this, it will turn into a one big mess and you won’t understand a thing.

  • Actors. Many people are saying that Jamie Dornan and especially Dakota Johnson aren’t the best choices for Christian’s and Anastasia’s roles. How could you even say that? Jamie perfectly showed dangerous and mysterious side of Christian Grey but Dakota in Anastasia’s role really seemed innocent, shy but then loving. And who else if not Jamie Dornan, could give That Look? 
  • Storyline. I have no idea, what happens in the book because I never red it but in movie… I couldn’t say a bad thing about whole story idea and all that. I just enjoyed the movie. Also I’ve red some negative comments, saying that movie was boring. How could you say that? I wasn’t bored even for a second! All the time I was super curious aboutwhat will happen next.
  • One little thing. I guess, there’s only one little thing that I didn’t like in this movie. Eloise Mumord as Kate aka Anastasia’s bff. Again, I have no idea, what happens in the book, but in this movie she’s super annoying. 
  • One more little thing. How many of you realized that Christian’s step sister Mia is starred by Rita Ora? I wanted her a little more in this movie. That just wasn’t enough and I’m not saying that just because I really adore her. 
  • Also… Am I the only one, who found this funny? xD Okay, if yes then I’m probably weird. 
  • About sex scenes… I didn’t find them disgusting or vulgar. Call me weird if you want to but that was just a part of whole masterpiece, called “50 Shades Of Grey”. There are shown more than you could usually see in romantic movies, dramas or wherever you could see some intimacy but it wasn’t made vulgar. To those, who have this “Sex is gross and they shouldn’t show it in movies at all” attitude I can only say: “Don’t watch this movie and don’t judge it.”
  • And if you think that this is just porn for women or something, you couldn’t be more wrong. It isn’t. There is a story, too. There is a reason, why Christian Grey loves (quote) to fuck hard not to make love. There is a reason, why he isn’t like all normal people and that’s why his character makes so many women to like him. Maybe it’s human nature or what but some women like emotionally damaged and hurt men, who aren’t really okay. And it’s quiete dangerous to fall in love with broken person because you fall really hard and can’t let him go. And while you’re with him, if you’re not strong enough, he can damage you, too. So here you go. In my opinion, it’s not only about sex, it’s about love, too.

For review that’s enough. Enjoy some GIF’s and go, watch that movie as soon as you can! It’s really worth it! Still – it’s better than cheesy romantic movies, right?

And here’s the playlist of soundtracks in this movie. 

xoxo, your “50 Shades Of Grey” obsessed Porcelain Doll.


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