Sterotype breaker: girl and guy CAN be just good friends.

Yo, people! I’m just starting this post the way good friend of mine usually greets me. xD No big intro, let’s skip to the best!

Of course, all of us have heard this phrase: “Girl and guy can’t be friends without any romantic feelings.” It’s bullshit, seriously. Of course, depends on situation and every person BUT this guy vs. girl friendship things actually does work in real life and I made sure about it myself.

Yesterday I went to Riga and met good friend of mine. I haven’t met him for nine months and it seems like forever. But whatever. The things is – I’ve known him for 6 and a half years and we never really had real, long conversation until yesterday. I admit – I had a crush on him few years ago but that was the kind of childish crush, when you’re like: “Aww, he’s so cute. Oh, I love the way he looks at me.” but you can’t really imagine kissing this person or something. After few years it kinda disappeared. (Or maybe all this time it was that Big Brother kind of crush?)

So yeah, we went to cafe for a drink then went for a walk a talked a lot. Weird, huh? I haven’t been talking to him all this time like that because I felt so shy but now I’ve been talking to him like he’s the closest friend to me ever. I said everything that was in my mind, we laughed a lot, I listened to every word he said and it felt so natural. And you know that moment, when you just look at someone, he looks at you and you both understand each other without words? Yeah, that happened few times, too. We spent just one and a half hours together but it was amazing. We’re having that perfect age difference when it’s small enough to act similar and understand each other but big enough for him to give me advice and listen to me like mature person would. (Yeah, I’m gonna be seventeen this year and he’s gonna be twenty one.)

Now I just need to find a chance to visit him more often and everything will be fine. Two times a month would be perfect. I’m actually starting to understand that life is amazing thing that is given to us. It’s our choice, how to make it bright and full of memories. It’s like this – your teacher gives you blank piece of paper and pencils in different colours. It’s the only piece of paper you can have. Now try to create a masterpiece for the first time. That’s what you do to your life. Friends are some of colour pencils that are given to us. It’s our choice – put and keep them in our life or not and if yes, then how often.

I really hope, you get my messy thoughts and understand what I am trying to say. What I wish to you all people, is to find a friend of opposite sex that you don’t fall in love with but love like a brother or sister. That’s one of the greatest life goals ever.

P.S. I really, really love this guy like my older brother and I want to be there for him no matter what. He’s the kind of person I just want to hug and say: “Don’t worry. I’m here and I believe that you can do it. You’re smarter and stronger than you think. You deserve more. Don’t give up.”

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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