How to tell that it’s your “black” (unlucky) day.

Hey, hey! I guess, this isn’t my “black” day but, waiting for my bus a long time, I got few things in my mind that totally make your day one of those black days.

Here’s some of the things that can turn your day into “black” day as well. (From small bad things to real “horror stories”.)

  • Your bus leaves earlier, just when you’re close enough to see it but to far away from it, to run and jump in it.
  • Your tights got hole in them in a mystical way and you have no chance to change them.
  • You forgot code to your credit card.
  • You ruined your only white blouse with black mascara clump in a last minute, the day when you have concert or interview.
  • You accidentally sent naughty text to your boss not your boyfriend.
  • You realize that you left your handbag in a bus but it’s gone already.
  • You didn’t pass your exam, ignoring the fact, you studied for hours every day.
  • You bump into someone with a drink in his hand and got your new dress ruined.
  • Your period started but you’re wearing your favorite jeans and have no pads or tampons with you.
  • You got insults from more than one person in a bus that’s crowded.
  • You travel somewhere or go to visit someone and then, when you’re already far enough away from home, you remember that you forgot your phone charger, money or something as much as important.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Not feeling very well to imagine some more of these situations. But you get my point and totally understand because there’s probably no person in this world, who never experienced any of these. I guess, I should take my afternoon nap and skip next class. Have a nice day, everyone!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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