That special friend… (:

Hey, people! Haven’t been here for a while and I really apologize about it. So – let’s skip big intro and go tp this day’s topis.

Have you ever met someone with who your thoughts, interests and almost everything matches so well? That you could just listen to this person talking, nod and say: “Wow, I do feel the same way… Yeah, that movie is really great! Oh, I love Lana Del Rey, too!” and all that. First time I met her in the beginning of October 2014 during school excursion. I was just bored and when one of my roommates suggested to visit this girl, who’s year older than we are, I agreed. I’m not really “I love to walk around and talk with everyone” person but somehow I got up from my bed and went to other hotel room, to talk this girl.

I guess, I never felt so suprised while meeting someone in my whole life. This girl that I never knew at all, turned out to be so similar to me like no one ever was. Our tastes in music matched like 80% or so, most of our favourite movies were common, too and the most important- we had the same thoughts about many things. About love, people around us, guys and all that stuff. I moved in to that hotel room for few nights so I could just talk with her. First night we were talking from 10 or 11 p.m. to almost 5 a.m. I could never bored of her and we always had something to talk about. Besides – she’s not judgemental at all and she always listens, and she has an opion about things.

I guess, in the night when all people from my class went to the sea changed something. I went back to hotel room crying and sobbing because I had no real friends between classmates. She asked what happened and I told everything. Instead of acting suprised, she just told that she understands me very well and hugged me. In that moment I understand that I really never met someone like her and I could tell her everything I was worried about. She would never judge me.

Now we’re good friends. Sometimes things in life happen even better than you thought they will. I always thought that I’ll be the ugly friend, the one who has a friend too different from herself. Now I don’t think like that anymore and I feel really thankful to her for all times when I could just talk to her about things that matter to me.



xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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