Some boys just suck + honest confessions.

Hey, hey! Before you start to judge me, in this post I am not gonna put down all men it the world. There are great man in this world like my dad, my guitar teacher and many of my relatives. BUT out there sadly are many, many assholes that just suck and have no idea, how to treat a woman.

I’m gonna start with my ex bff’s boyfriend. Okay, that is breaking of the girl code, if you hook up with your bff’s boyfriend and even bigger breaking of the code, if you do it behind her back. But… sometimes boys just make us dumb, agree? First mistake in my situation was – we both let him stand between us. He started secretly dating her and they both lied to me about that – that’s second of all the mistakes. Third – I forgave them both after all those big lies. Fourth – I secretly started meeting him and acting like more than a friend. I know, that’s completely not acceptable but I just probably kinda idealized him in my mind and told myself that if he likes me, he’d always be there for me. That’s incredibly big mistake. I just thought that kisses on forehead and holding hands did meant something. And when he said he likes me, I thought that he really does but it turned out that he only wants me. So technically we were just fuck buddies even though I never slept with him and now I’m glad about it.

What made me wake up from this illusion? He started to be rude to me, he rarely had a time for me. I apologized to him many times, even when I didn’t feel guilty because I was naive and believed that something still could really work out. And then I realized, how dumb I was – I really believed all those damn lies because I’m a freakin’ romantic and thought that even secret romance would be okay for me. It wasn’t. I guess, I’m just gonna forget him for the rest of my life.

When it comes to my ex bff – we will never be bff’s again and I honestly don’t regret that. I just can’t be friends with someone, who pushes me away every time when she has a boyfriend. And past few years, even thought she’s just sixteen, she can’t live without boyfriend at all. I can’t stand girls, who think that they whole life depends on a guy. And – if she can’t even find a time to meet me, then what are we even talking about?

Note: I was a bitch by doing that behind her back, I admit that but I’m really ashamed about that.

Next guy that surprised me in a negative way today was… no one other than my so imagined good friend. Maybe I’ve mentioned a good guitarist guy in my post before, maybe not BUT… we’re not friends. We’re actually nothing and I can’t believe I thought he could be my BGF (best guy friend). I’m such an illusion girl! Everything that he texted me today really explained everything. I was dumb when I supported him and all that. I should’ve never did that.

You know, what I think now? That being nice to people aren’t always good to you. You act nice and they just hurt your feelings and act like you don’t have a heart at all. I’m sick of that and sick of boys because all guys I keep meeting, turn out just like that. I’m probably a magnet of arrogant jerks.

Here’s a song for all assholes in this world, who enjoy screwing girls over, playing with them and breaking their hearts no matter it’s a relationship or friendship that is ruined now. Yeah, I’m one of those rare people, who DO like this song no matter what.

P.S. Girls, don’t let guys fool you and broke your hearts. You are much smarter than that. (I’m not saying that every guy will break your heart, just be prepared to that because that DOES happen.)

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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