I just found perfect college for my future – Juilliard.

Hey, hey!  No big intro right now, I’m just too excited.

Have you ever were just floating through you life and then suddenly understand excatly what you want? That’s what happened with me. I just because of curiousity searched in Google for musical colleges where teach classical guitar. I found a list http://musicschoolcentral.com/the-ten-very-best-colleges-for-classical-guitar-performance/ and took a look at all of those. I gave up on already 8 of 10 when I find the one, who would be just perfect for me, if I only had enough money to go there when time will come. I know, I’m only sixteen and having my first year out of elementary school but my whole future seemed to be planned out. I was going to finish this school after 3,5 years, then go to Musical Academy in Riga and continue everything there. Now I kinda re-thought everything and realized that I could go to Juilliard after I’ll finish this school or after I’ll finish few years in Musical Academy in Latvia.

Yeah, it’s probably craziest idea I’ve ever had because… well, because New York is so, so far away from where I live and it’s expensive city… But I would do everything to go there because guitar teacher in Juilliard is Sharon Isbin and she’s just wow – I bet one of the most tallented guitarist in the world. That’s not the only reason, of course. I’ve always dreamed of living sometime in New York or travelling to it but living and going to Juilliard seems even better. It’s like a dream for me. From one side impossible, from other side – I could really be there. And reading more about this college, it really seems a good one, the kind of I would like to go one.

For a long time I was thinking – do I have a goal in my life or something? The answer was always “no”. There was nothing special I wanted to do in my life. But now there is and I really hope it will happen.


xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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