My parents don’t let me choose most of the thing that matter to me.

Hey, hey! I’m incredibly happy to see that you, people, like my posts, follow me and one person even reblogged my last post. Yay! 🙂 Okay, enough intro, let’s skip to the best part.

I know that a lot of parents don’t let their kids do things they don’t find acceptable. Okay, I completely understand that you maybe don’t buy your child a lots of sweets every day when he wants to. I understand that you don’t buy your kid alcochol or cigarettes. In your place, I wouldn’t buy hooker-like heels for my daughter, too (if I had one) or let her shave her hair at all. It’s a good thing that parents don’t let us do completely everything because we’re young, crazy and ready to try almost everything. But…

But there are choices that our parents should let us make on our own. All parents right now probably would give me sarcastic glances and shake their heads, when I turn around. Stop, just let me explain. Here’s a list of choices that parents should let their kids to make on their own (but my parents don’t let me do it). At least in my age and older, of couse. (I’m 16, by the way.)

  • Career choices. (It’s OUR life. We will live this life and have this work for a very long time. Don’t try to pressure us to do something that we don’t want and makes for the rest of our lives unhappy. In my opinion, this is the biggest choice of life and if you can’t make it on your own… Well, then your life sucks.)
  • How to dress. (I know, you should say NO to hooker heels, very short mini skirt and cheap clothes wih bad quality BUT… don’t dress us up in the clothes YOU like. We’re people, not dolls. We have our own opinionwhat we want to wear and what not. Respect that!)
  • Choosing friends. (Maybe some part of that you can change because you’re not that dumb person, who wouldnt mind, if your child’s best friend would be a drug addict. BUT don’t critisize normal friends because you don’t like the way they look, talk or you don’t like te person that your child’s bff dates.)
  • Hairstyles. (Like I mentioned earlier – you have all rights to not let your child shave her/his hair BUT if you don’t even let us change our haircuts, that’s… too much. And, for example, if I’m 16, I have all rights to cut or dye my hair how I want to. Why? Because it will still be me, walking down the street with everyone staring at my hair, not you. Just deal with it – teenagers are misterious creatures that are desperately trying to find themselves. Deal with it.)
  • Food. (Yes, you have rights to say that we should not eat hotdogs and hamburgers, and drink less cola. We know, that it’s bad for us and you want only the best. BUT don’t critisize us, if we don’t like, for example, plums in that healthy food you just cooked. No offense, we just don’t like plums. Don’t push us to eat something we hate for years just because it’s healthy. It won’t work.)

I guess, those are the most important things you should know. You can agree or disagree, I was just sharing my point of view and probably the point of view of many teenagers, too. 😉

All of these things my parents want to choose in my place and it really makes me upset because nothing matters to me more than choosing the life I want to live.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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