Amber Heard and “The Ward”

Hey, dear people! Today’s another rainy day in here, where I live, ignoring the fact that there will be Christmas soon. Whatever – I’m not gonna talk about Christmas but about my favourite actress Amber Heard and a horror movie “The Ward” that I watched yesterday. No, this isn’t new movie, it’s from 2010 but this is the one I could add to Golden Movie List.


It’s totally one of those movies my mum told me not to watch. She said that no one under age 21 shouldn’t watch it because there’s something about multiple personality disorders and all that. But, despite that, I still watched it because I’m interested in movies that are about people, who are taken to psychiatric hospitals. Honestly, I don’t regret watching this movie at all. Every second of it kept my attention and it was never boring. Still – there wasn’t too much blood and felt intrigued, while watching it. You could never see what will happen in next moment and that is one of the reasons, why I loved it.


Another reason, why I decided to see this is Amber Heard. In my opinion, she’s very talented and really love the way she looks. But that’s just me, who’s super obsessed with her.


I just wanted to say that if you’re a psychological horror lover, you will totally like this. 🙂

P.S. Danielle Panabaker also looks gorgeous in this movie, even her character in movie – Sarah – isn’t the nicest one at all.

Vote: 10/10

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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