My Prince Charming is actually a frog.

Hey, people again. It’s almost 2 a.m. here and I’m sick, so I can not worry about trouble waking up tomorrow because I don’t need to go to school. So, here we go with a new post!

So tonight I’m gonna talk about my Prince Charming…. who suddenly became a frog. Or maybe I saw it only right now. Remember my post ? So here we go, seems like he’s not what I thought he is at all. I’m just gonna correct my perfect guy list.

  • He’s the one, who makes me smile even in the worst day of my life. His jokes original and silly but I love his sense of humor. / Right now his jokes became hurtful and they make me feel really bad.
  • He has the most beautiful smile that I’ve ever seen. Seeing him smile just makes me smile, too.
  • He has opinion about everything. He’s just not one of those people, who can answer to the question with simple: “I don’t know.”
  • He’s taste of music. I’m not saying that I like all song that he does but… It’s just interesting to listen something that he likes. (That’s how he made me like some of his favourite songs.) Still – we both like band Fall Out Boy. / Mostly, right now we have too different tastes of music. Literally he says that all music I like is shit.
  • He never judges me. He doesn’t ever judge someone. / All he does is judging. First he says that I can tell him everything that’s in my heart and now he says that I’m always unhappy about everything and it annoys him.
  • He’s good at giving advice and a shoulder to cry on. If he wouldn’t support me like that, I would still be cutting and feeling incredibly unhappy. (Yeah, he was the one, who helped me to stop this stupid habbit. I’m almost 5 months clean. 🙂 ) / He doesn’t help me at all. All he says makes me feel only worse about myself.
  • He’s trustworthy. I can tell him everything. / He’s not interested at what I’m saying at all.
  • He loves teasing me. A lot. And I love that he does it.
  • He’s a lil’ weirdo and sometimes can be really shy. That’s cute.
  • He gives the best hugs. I can never forget that feeling of sharing sweet, tight hugs with him. In his arms I feel more safe than every other place.
  • He always says what’s in his mind. Most people don’t do that. / Looks like there are only bad things in his mind. Everything he says. makes me mad or sad.
  • He makes me feel like other people don’t matter and we’re in our own world. / He makes me realize that he is no Prince Charming and actually as bitchy as most people in this damn world. I wish, I’d never knew him.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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