How to be a terrible friend (frenemie)

Hey, my dear readers. I’m incredebly happy that I already have 111 of you. That’s pretty much. Thank you all for reading this, liking post and following me. If you wouldn’t do that, I wouldn’t write here. Okay, let’s go to this days topic.

Nope, these are not tips, how to become a terrible friend because.. if someone’s terrible, you just can’t be friends with him/her. I’m talking about so called frenemies. If you still don’t know, what it means, let me explain.

Frenemie – your enemy, who acts fake friendly. That’s how I would explain this word. Why am I even writing about this? I was just thinking that in my class there is a girl, who seemed pretty nice and friendly at the beginning but later turned out (pardon!) a real bitch. From nice, friendly girl she just became judging, self centred whore, who’s also a serious alcocholic.

So, based on this situation, I created a list of tips “How to be a terrible friend”. Let’s start!

If you want to be a frenemie…

  • Critique everything your friend does. Starting from how terrible she/he cooks, finishing how terrible her/his musical taste is.
  • If her boyfriend/his girlfriend leaves her/him, say that it’s your friend’s fault only. Don’t forget to add that she/he is too sarcastic, fat, talkative or pedantic.
  • When she/he asks you for advice, always say what your friend SHOULDN’T do.
  • Get laid with her boyfriend/his girlfriend.
  • Spread some rumors that she/he was on a jail, has some bad sickness or something that would make most people run away from your friend.
  • Ignore her/him, when you want nothing from them.
  • When your friend is having a breakdown and she/he can’t stop crying and being sad, look at him like at some psycho and say: “I don’t understand you at all. All this overreacting just seems dumhb.”
  • When you go out with all your other friends, never invite her/him.
  • When your other friends are around and she/he ‘s there, act like you don’t see her/him and don’t talk to you friend.
  • When she/he asks for help,NEVER help them.

I guess, there’s many more “tips” but these were the most important.

P.S. Just let me remind you that this post is like joke and you shouldn’t take those tips seriously. Because acting like this can really make someone feel terrible. I felt it on my own skin – not nice at all. Don’t bitch about people and be nice.

P.S. no 2. If you can’t live without hating this person, better say all what you think in her/his face. Don’t bitch about her/him after her/his back.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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