One Republic “Native” tour concert review

Hey, dear people! So one thing, the biggest thing in my life, that’s new is… I heard One Republic live yesterday! 🙂 Yeah, they came to Riga. I was begging my parents for a really long time to buy tickets and they finally did it. Like a birthday gift for me, but with my own money. Whatever. These were the best 45 euros that I spent in my whole life because what I heard was just priceless. But let me begin from the very, very start.

So yesterday after school, we drove from Liepāja to Riga, which was more than 200 km’s away. When we finally got there, all parking places were full, except those for VIP people. That sucked. We were about 5 or 10 minutes late, but that didn’t really matter because there were one pretty bad rock group, playing before them. Have no idea, what was that but it sucked, in my opinion. It was really heavy and boring music. So, after that we should’ve waited for 40 minutes or so just randomly sitting there because we had no idea, when One Republic will start playing.

But when they started…. woah. It was breathtaking. Can’t even describe, how much I loved it. All songs sounded live about a thousand times better than on recordings. And I was just sitting there with my mouth wide open and thinking that I could listen to that amazing music my whole life. Also, I was thinking: “Damn, I would like to marry Ryan Tedder.” Yeah, I’m acting like a crazy fan girl, but I really fell in love with lyrics that he sang and how emotionally he did it. I felt the music like mine. It was… wow.

Isn’t he cute? Here’s a confession – I have a huge, fan girl like crush on him. ❤

I clapped my hands until they started hurting and yelled until I could barely speak. Their live performance was incredible and they really deserved all applause they’ve got. And yep, I really went wild when they started playing “Love Runs Out” because, damn, that’s my jam!

And, ignoring the fact that I’m sad, because it all ended and they left, there are two good things about this. First one – my parents probably never ever saw me so happy. I totally broke the scale of my happiness, haha. 😀 And second thing is – THEY WILL BE BACK IN RIGA WHEN NEW ALBUM WILL COME OUT!!!

What can I say? I’m happy that I went there and heard them. Also it was so inspiring that I took my guitar and played two hours straight without any pauses. I really adore musicans that inspire me. And they don’t even have to be classical musicans. I think, some pop and rock musicans have got much more passion and love for what they do. Also they show song’s emotions on the stage very well which is pretty awesome. That’s what I learn from them. 

I guess, that’s all for now. 🙂

Don’t forget to hear One Republic live, xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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