“Nurse 3D” movie review

Hey, cool people! I was very busy at school and too tired out of it to write, but today it’s Friday – short day in school so I somehow found a time to write here. 😉 Enjoy GIF’s from movie. 🙂

Last days I’ve been searching for some good movies and watching them. Most of them were okay, but then accidentally I ran on some interesting movie trailer. Searching for “erotic thrillers”, I found “Nurse 3D”. (Actually, it’s more erotic horror or something.) Already in first time watching the trailer, I found it very fascinating. I’m  very into movies where is a lot of erotic things, but also murders and/or crimes, too. It just wakes up my interest and I can watch a movie with my mouth wide open. Until this one, I’ve seen just one movie that fascinated me very, very much and it was “Plush”. That one was with few dead bodies and one murder, and also with few sex scenes, too. (Sadly, no one got naked in there. Ha-ha, I’m such a pervert and I can do nothing about it. :D) I watched it 3 times and still loved it.

But okay – back to “Nurse 3D”. The reason, why I clicked on this movie’s trailer actually was pretty blonde Katrina Bowden. During the movies she wasn’t as half fascinating as Paz de la Huerta. What goes Paz – at first I thought: “Why is she chosen for main role, if she isn’t even pretty?” But watching the movie, I found out that she’s much more charismatic than Karina. Or maybe it’s just because of their characters, who knows. Still – I was just in love with her acting and everything in every second watching this movie. Whatever – Paz de la Huerta has been just brilliant in this movie. Couldn’t ignore the fact that she has an amazing body (That ass!!! Great motivation to workout right now! :D) and her acting… Damn, it’s hard to describe, you need to see it!

Some men would really deserve this. Seriously.

About storyline… I couldn’t fully understand, why Paz’s character was acting so weird, but the movie is brilliant. It keeps attention from first to last second. You really can’t be bored watching this. “Nurse 3D” isn’t just another dumb, cheap horror movie. It’s some kind of masterpiece. Of course, many of you will never understand, what’s so good in this movie and I can’t really explain it to you. If you don’t get it, then you just don’t get it. The end of the story. But to those, who understand – high five, we’re on the same wave.

Some warnings. Just saying – if you can’t stand some lesbian scenes, don’t want to see naked bodies or parts of them and see scenes of very bloody murdering – this movie is not for you! I’m not the person, who loves bloody horrors, too but this… I don’t know – because of some weird reason I just fell in love with this movie.


Here’s the trailer. Full movie you can pretty easily find online. 🙂

And here’s two soundtracks.

P.S. I have some weird obsession with movies where the main character is sexy, badass woman, who kills men. It just fascinates me, how women can let men do, what she wants and how weak, comparing to her, they really are. I know, you may think that I’m weird, but my experience with boys wasn’t really the best one. They always hurt me. Mostly they were just my ex-classmates, who bullied me, but also they were few my friends – guys that just left.

P.S. no 2. And now I’m pretty sure that you think I’m a pervert. Don’t deny it, I know that you think about me that. Okay, well, I really am. I’m not watching porn or something, I just enjoy movies like this one because those sexy scenes spice up the movie and make it more interesting. 😉

My favourite GIF. xD Damn, how can I get butt like hers??

That’s all for now. Just watch that movie RIGHT NOW! 🙂


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