“Fault in our stars” rewiew.

Hey, dear people! Sorry for being away such a long time. School takes all my time and energy and mentally I already feel dead so… Forgive me for not posting a while.

Today I’m gonna write about… “Fault in our stars”! Yes, I do know that probably everyone, who has seen this movie and who has a heart, loved it. Seriously. When I saw the trailer, I thought: ‘”Oh, this is gonna be another one cliche romantic movie, blah blah blah…” But then I finally found it yesterday online in a very good quality and watched it. All my expectations were crashed about this movie. I thought, I will give it not more than 4 from 10 in my movie rating scale. But actually, I give 10 and if I could give more, I would. Why? Because this is not just another romantic movie, who says nothing about real love, about love that we can see in real life. 

I’m not really sure, if it’s true but I’d like to say that I’m totally not the most romantic girl in whole world. Not even close. I don’t think that buying your girlfriend flowers and saying cliche things in the most beautiful you can do. Nah. Not at all. All romantic stuff for me mostly is just “LEH!”. But this… love between Gus and Hazel, even being on screen, seemed so real. They really made it seem real. No other movie made me cry so much and touched my heart that much. First time I cried for real when Gus was taken to the hospital and second time – when he died. I just wondered, how I would feel in Hazel’s place and all that. 

But, enough now for sad moments. Do you know, what I think was just amazing in this movie? Which moments took my breath away? I’m not gonna mention all of them but that moment, when Hazel kissed Gus for the first time was just… wow. I wan’t this mind blowing kiss in my life, too. What else? Then I found it pretty funny when Isaac and his girlfriend was standing on the street and repeating to each other: “Always.” That’s just too cliche for me. Also that moment, when Gus and Hazel took Isaac to his ex-girlfriend’s house and let him throw eggs at her car. That was funny for me. And the most beutiful moment for me was, when Gus was dead and Hazel finally red his letter. It was so… sweet. It’s just amazing to realize, that in this world really are people, who can love each other like that. If someone still doesn’t believe in the existance of love, I think, this movie really shows that love does exist. Isn’t it amazing and beautiful? 🙂

Watching this movie I really went through many emotions. I was smiling, I was laughing, watching and wanting to yell: “Aww, they are soooo cute!” and crying. This one is totally amazing movie, It’s not cliche, it’s not about sex and all stuff (like many other so called “romantic movies” in nowadays) and whole story could really happen in real life. 🙂

So, if you still haven’t seen “Fault in our stars”, don’t be lazy and watching. It is really golden movie not some cheap crap. 🙂

Have a nice morning/day/night!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.


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