My thoughts about VMA’s 2014

Hey, I’m here again and today I’m gonna talk about VMA’s. I live in Europe, concretely in Latvia so I was’t one of those people, who watched VMA’s live or online. Honestly, I even had no idea that there were VMA’s until the moment when I saw famous youtuber’s Superwoman’s video about them. So yeah, right after watching her video, I searched for full VMA’s video and, believe me or not, I found it on youtube, even on HD.

Here it is but I’m not sure, will it be available later, too.

So here’s my rewiew about every single performance. Let’s start!

Ariana Grande – Break free. Personally, I like Ariana but this really isn’t her best song at all. Despite that – performance wasn’t bad at all. Nothing suprising and nothing that makes you watch it with your mouth wide open but not bad.

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda. When I first heard this song and it’s music video wasn’t out yet, Ithought that it’s pretty catchy and I liked it. For some time I just couldn’t stop listening to it. But when I first saw “Anaconda” ‘s music video, I was shocked, And totally not in a good way, This wasn’t Nicki Minaj that I used to like but some (I’m sorry for being rude) slutty looking woman, shaking her way too big ass and twerking, I know that popstars’ videos very ften can be shocking but this was just too much and totally ruined every good thought about her as a musican. Because seriously, there is no music, there is just something pretty similar to porn. 

So, finally talking about “Anaconda” ‘s VMA performance, it wasn’t much better than fucked up music video. Still slutty clothes and twerking, and pervert moves.

Before I talk about next performance, I just want to mention that twerking that Miley did in VMA’s 2013 was a bit shocking but fun and still acceptable. But twerking that Nicki did… It was a very big NO. That wasn’t well done.


Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang bang. This performance was good. I wanted to see something that will make my eyes widen in suprise and excitement but nothing like that happened. Still, Jessie J in her solo parts showed her amazing voice and Ariana was pretty good, too. If we’re talking about Nicki Minaj, everything was okay… except that half opened dress. For me it just looked like it was done on purpose but no one, except her, knows, why it was like that. Still – I didn’t look good at all.

Taylor Swift – Shake it off. I really couldn” choose, who is my favourite performance at VMA’s 2014 but… this was one of those three performances that I liked the best. That song “Shake it off” itself is amazing and if that’s new era of Taylor – I honestly can say that I love it. Her performance was very bold and that moment when she said, that she’s not jumping, was really funny. Seems like right now I’m such a big fan of hers (so called Swiftie, right?) and it means, if you are gonna something bad about her, I’m seriously gonna punch you in the face. I used to likeTaylor few years ago, too but the truth is that she and her music with years is getting only better and better, Bravissimo, Tay! ❤

Sam Smith – Stay with me. We all already know amazingly tallented Sam, his deep voice and this song, too. So I can describe his performance only in one word – brilliant. 

Usher – …. I seriously have no idea, what’s the name of song that he was performing and I don’t even want to know. In my opinion, performance was pretty boring. Nothing to say: “Wow!” about,

5 seconds of summer – Amnesia. Beautiful. It is really no secret that they are great live performers. Woohoo!

Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora – Black widow. Is it only me or Iggy Azalea gets only better and better? This song itself with Rita Ora was such a great idea but performing it live… it was brilliant! I can’t even explain, how much I love both of them, how much I love this song and this performance, too! Perfection! ❤

Maroon 5 – Maps & One more night. I’m too lazy to comment this performance a lot. When these songs wasn’t so many times played in radio stations,I used to love them. But still, this was good performance. Maroon 5 is something that I could include in classics list or something. Because it’s classics for me.

Beyonce. I loved whole her performance. And it’s great that she isn” one of those artists, who dresses slutty. She’s already one of the queens in pop music, so she don’t need to wear something very shocking to keep people attention. Brilliant, like always. ❤


So, now you may say: “Okay, you told, what you think about every performance. But who’s your favourite then?”

The truth is that I couldn’t choose one favourite from all those performances. I’m gonna judge them not by the way, how much I like this artists but how good was this concrete performance. So here’s is my top 3 of 2014 VMA’s. 

  1. Taylor Swift – Shake it off

  2. Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora – Black widow

  3. Sam Smith – Stay with me

So here you go, my dear followers! Watch it and let me know, what you think of VMA 2014 and which were your favourite performers!

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.




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